DRC:UDPS accuses the gov’nt of stealing the bodies of its two militants

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 By Josephone Lukoya

DRC-Two empty coffins were identified on 13/09/2010 in Kinshasa during the burial, after two Union pour la Démocratie et le Progrès Social (UDPS) militants were murdered during a protest dispersed by police.

Men in uniform are reportedly to have taken two bodies of UDPS diseased, which were shot dead on 5 and 6 September 2011 in Kinshasa, from the mortuary of the polyclinic Bondeko and the general hospital in Kinshasa.

 This was announced Tuesday, September 13 by the general secretary of the UDPS Jacquemin Shabani. He said the bodies were buried at night in hiding.

In a funeral oration delivered Tuesday UDPS headquarters in Kinshasa, Jacquemin Shabani said that his party will go to court. He described this act of cynical and inhuman.

UDPS tribute on 13/09/2010 in Kinshasa, two of its militants killed during a protest against the police, following the attack on the headquarters of their political party.

“We organized this ceremony in [memory of two victims], until our lawyers understand these facts to make a complaint in good standing with the competent judicial authorities,” Jacquemin said Shabani.

Ladi Elali Ngalela, UDPS, was killed Sept. 5 at Swende Boulevard. Clashes pitted at this point, between the followers of UDPS and those PPRD, the presidential party, after the leader of the UDPS filed his candidacy for president in 2011. The seat Inter-federal PPRD-located was sacked the same day.

The same source also said that another activist UDPS Junior GAMAK Folo, was killed Sept. 6 at the headquarters of the UDPS. That day, the police suppressed a demonstration of UDPS who was from there.

Jacquemin Shabani accused the government to be the basis of these two murders:

“Not satisfied to have snatched the lives of these fellow countrymen, pushed the power to pull its barbarity and bury the bodies at night in our late brother. That is why the chapel erected, so far, does not the bodies of our illustrious dead. ”

The party of Etienne Tshisekedi, however, reaffirmed its determination to continue its fight for a change of government in the DRC.

The authorities have not yet indexed responded to these accusations.

This post has already been read 6716 times!

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