East Africa Legislative Assembly member to face justice

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By Jean Pierre Ndikumana

BUJUMBURA-The Burundi legislature belonging to the East African Legislative Assembly (EALA) Manasseh Nzobonimpa, has been summoned by the Attorney General of the Republic Bagorikunda Valentin, in connection with his claims that suggested that the ruling party CNDD got corrupt officials.

Due to his whistle blowing which was greeted by the suspects protesting in court, the summons was delivered Monday, April 4 by Nzobonimpa Manasseh’s son (aged about 25 years) and the Commissioner of Police in the western region.

The EALA representing Burundi is expected to appear in court by March 07th, to answer his claims on corrupt officials.

Police boss in the western region and his escort had visited the home of Manasseh Nzabonimpa around noon, which had scared the family and the neighbors of a member of the EALA.

Nzobonimpa had earlier revealed the existence of a group of corrupt are the wind and rain in the CNDD-FDD and the executive committee of the ruling party.

He also brought to light a scandal of misappropriation of 15 billion Burundian francs; equivalent to $12 Million an amount that Uganda would have paid a debt that Burundi was awarded the rebellion under Museveni JB Bagaza during the 2nd tenure.

The police spokesman said that his institution has no intention to harm the personality of Manasseh and his family, except that the justice “needs to know the truth about his recent statements.”

Nzobonimpa’s Lawyer Prosper Niyoyankana said he was aware of the meeting which decided that Manasseh Nzobonimpa to appear in court Thursday, March 7 to explain his claims and shade a light on his recent revelations that criminalize various leaders of the country.

Four of the figures cited by Manasseh (including Gabriel and Jean Marie Ntisezerana Rurimirije) have already filed a complaint accusing him of “misrepresentation and slanderous statements.” The convening of Manasseh is filed when the lawyer was awaiting the reaction of Manasseh justice on charges already filed by Manasseh.

For the Minister of Justice Ancilla Ntakaburimvo, “justice has no hurry every time a citizen makes comments on the media because sometimes that person can lie.”

For Manasseh about reports of diversion of more than thirteen billion by different personalities of Burundi, the minister of justice said it expects the ratio of the general inspection of the State must bring all the elements out

This post has already been read 14160 times!



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