Egypt might be another Iraq or Afghanistan

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By Muvunyi Timothy

It is still very perplexing to see how security and peace are hardly regaining their normal shade in Egypt after the uprising that ended Hossin Mubarak’s rule early this year.

The prosecuting the former president and some of his cabinet members have a definite implication on Egyptians but, whether they delay to convict the x-excellence or not, most people remain hungry for security and peace and this obviously inclines a fear that Egypt would gradually crumble into civil war and terrorism if general elections are rigid or marred and the transition head of state remains in power.


The progress would be seen to contravene the principles upon which the uprising was plotted and carried and even perceived as an obstacle by the west to the democracy that the people of Egypt have been craving over the decades of Mubarak’s tenure.

This is very similar to the case of Iraq where terrorism-car-street bombings and US army shooting- have not ceased in Baghdad in spite of a remarkable withdraw of the foreign army and installation of an interim government and much the same in Afghanistan where the head of state has survived two assassination attempts since being considered a president.


This could be suspected on an urge for democracy from both sides resulting into an on and off tension that disrupts the leadership and timely reach for democracy with little regard of the terroristic mind centralism in terms of religion and hence location- fact that Egypt lays closer to Iraq and Afghanistan and half it is Muslim is a scary threat in terms of recuing Cairo’s politics from the possible tyranny of an organized terroristic mindset that could have instigated, is certain cases, the abrupt uprising against what was termed a, prolonged dictatorship.


If the wave of change is interpreted and indeed implemented in that aspect the three countries and particularly the Egypt could be a bleeding ground for terrorists- and in fact was in the late 1990s suspected of Al-Qaeda links with Sudan and the later’s Khartoum was bombed for that-who would complement al-Shabab in certain ways to militarily campaign for an African state quite strong to avert and free from western powers.


This means that as the world continues to seek peace for the three countries on behalf of the USA, UK, China and Japan, something radically aggressive could be behind the planning, and uprising in the North of Africa and might be instigated by either of Egypt, Iraq or Afghanistan with intent to spread it over the world in order to protect their other comprehension of true democracy and good governance.


It not clear despite the Darfur Genocide whether the Janjawids could have, irrespective of the tribal/region and economic lines, had terroristic intent to overpower the SPLA/M, and persist fighting the UNAMID so that they disrupt and complete end the sole existence of the Southern people; but thank goodness now that the South is a free state with liable sovereignty such terrorism will have swift and rigorous international criminal court judgment and thus save the endangered Southern Sudan populace.


The UN could soon deploy in the three countries to oversee the implementation of security, peace and democracy for the same reasons.  However, much less of Iraq and Afghanistan, Egypt’s possible nuclear proliferation and drug trafficking are yet to be disclosed to the international community which implies that Cairo could be free of persistent urge or even incitement for a terrorist regime democratically approved.


The author is a journalist with Great Lakes Voice

This post has already been read 6262 times!



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