Exiled opposition parties want Rwandans to remain out of country-Frank Habineza

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  • We’re not going to join RPF led government but, we want to join Parliament

Kigali, Rwanda-The head of yet to be registered opposition party, Rwanda Democratic Green Party, Frank Habineza has announced that Rwanda ‘s opposition parties working outside the country don’t want Rwandans abroad to come back to their country.

Addressing the press recently, Habineza said parties branding themselves as opposition working in Europe and America like holding Rwandans in Diaspora as captives and further accused the parties of being entangled in wrangles.

“I have never attended even one of their(opposition) meetings, many of them are entangled in internal wrangles and they don’t even have any touch with the needs of Rwandans in the country. They accuse everyone who comes back to the country of being an RPF spy,” said Habineza.

Habineza also accused these parties of struggling to prove to each other how much opposition they are.

Reacting to allegations by some of the opposition politicians in Diaspora, Habineza said he “doesn’t give a damn” to their allegations and accused them of “jealousy”.

“You remember the time when Victoire Ingabire came to carry on her political activities in Rwanda, several of these parties accused her of being bought by RPF. Even some of the papers wrote the story. I am not intimidated by their venomous words,” Habineza added.

Announcing his new executive committee, Habineza also said he had no plans of joining the RPF run government but his party when registered will contest to join the parliament.

New Interim Executive Committee: Democratic Green Party of Rwanda
1. President: Frank Habineza
2. First Vice President: Carine Maombi
3. Second Vice President: Gashugi Leonard
4. Secretary General: Jean Claude Ntezimana

5. Deputy Secretary General: Seraphine Mukamana

6. Treasurer: Jeanine Uwineza
7. Organising Secretary: Deo Tuyishime
8. Communication Secretary: Omar Leo

This post has already been read 6419 times!



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