Feeding back on Africa due to colonial errors

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By Timothy Muvunyi

Many leaders would prefer averting from conceding most of their errors to telling the indigestible truth. As it is well comprehended-it is taught from primary to university-most African countries are what they are because of the plight that has befell them.

The suffering that will take long periods of time to end is much attributed to the overwhelming wisdom that was inclined and imparted in the populace by the colonialists. This is termed as neo-colonialism because it turns out to take turns in terms of aid and unbalanced trade affiliations that urge most Africa transacts to goad rather than profit.

This is one aspect that has undermined trade ties with the continent and some gluttons in Africa are feeding back on that. They, whenever asked to clarify of pressing national and international issues like trade strife and historical errors, explain that it all caused by colonialism.

Some even insist they couldn’t have waged full scale wars was it not for colonial rule which is now six decades shelved off in the achieves. Most Africa presidents like to excuse themselves with rebut of that historical error.

One president, erroneously, explaining that his state is not a result of colonialism ignoring the fact that he still admires the former colonialists  Britain, Germany, France, Italy,Portugal to mention that are effective in the continent’s trade, social and political ties internationally.

Britain, Germany, Belgium were and are effective in the Great Lake region in politics, social affairs but a bit limited in trade as USA and China continue to construct more links with the continent’s democracies. Colonialism and in fact the new one that feeds on basic life of the populace is steering every aspect to almost uncontrollable for the locals who are forced by abject poverty to indulge in inhuman acts amongst themselves.

These crimes some of which have been tailored to feed on traditional norms and others on witchcraft are not punishable by law. This is exactly where neo-colonialism evolves pampering those that are greedy and harmful and separately torturing and marginalizing those that stand for what is right for their livelihoods. This evil involves some dictators that are puppets of former colonialists that are indulged in eating off the entire continent’s wealth.

Some have been implicated and convicted for crimes against humanity of which they committed before the open eyes of super powers that held a stronger hand over them. The most scaring gesture is the indictment, long trials and arrests at the Hague where the criminals are allowed to be visited and many continue their dealings through their relatives.

They are still adored as messianics who sacrificed others and themselves to save certain groups of people. The monies that they swindled from the continent to more profitable western banks are uncounted for even when they are confiscated. Nothing is head of frozen bank accounts once money is confiscated.

This is the most threatening aspect as regards the continents progress on the global scene. Just imagine a president telling lies and distorting people’s minds on colonialism and their future that they are not, to the largest percentage, a result of that era.

A head of state that seems to ignore that they have few options even in simple agriculture, which survives 70% of the continent’s populace and on a subsistence scale.

Cross border trade is not hampered by malpractice by officials and traders but lack of goods and services to carry on transaction. Because even countries’ GDPs are not satisfactory-the populace is less innovative, inventive and those that have lucrative ideas either don’t collateral security to grant them loans or are not favorable.

Corruption is stem to almost every crime and fail of almost every government that emerges with manifestations that there is all reason to be improved rather to be doomed. In fact some leaders should answer to the United Nations for manipulating the vision entitled in the MDGs to exploit and excite the populace with over expectation beyond their inputs and outputs. Excitement and over-expectation that is not convergent causes mental and physical exhaustion which may cause resentment, tiredness, malaise and reluctance thus disfunctioning work and GDPs too.

In the agriculture sectors most farmers cannot afford tractors even when they put together their fragments-they cannot raise enough money to run their businesses even with financial loans that carry with them unreasonable high interest rates.

In return every person on the continent is forfeiting their good lives as they pay exorbitantly to be linked to the latest mobile telecommunication networks, internet, high rents, hiked transport fare, unaffordable health sector, and extortionist feeding. Long term basics that must have tax cuts in spectrum of their returns in decades. This is quite impossible with governments that are uncertain of their future given the malpractice that makes their leaderships.

Colonialism is, factually, expected to savage the poor in complete need below the poverty lines as puppets hold them down to eat off Africa’s wealth and later fleeing to the northern spheres where they continue life in asylum, on trial or in hiding on the streets-on streets where the powers of the law either protect them from arrest or set them free as not liable.

This post has already been read 10447 times!

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