Fighting graft in Kenya should not be interpreted as targeting some political party

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Regardless of color, tribes or political party one has to face charges once involve in corruption, the Kenya Anti-graft Czar PLO Lumumba should continue with his work on fighting the graft out of our country. We all congratulate him for making sure even the most senior government officials are not spared either.

Watching Hon Henry Kosgey being charged of office abuse and charge by the court of law makes Kenyans to understand that the war on graft has just started, this gives challenge to other government bodies to be vigilant and transparent in their activities,

Leaders who call for ‘zero tolerance on corruption’ should press for more charges and immediately resignation of offices implicated in corruption even face justice.

Even our new constitution in K  enya, doesn’t allow such leaders to held office in government position, instead one has to be fine and his post declared vacant. Those who are under investigation should step aside to give space but not holding office so as to manipulate the investigation.

Surprisingly, they’re some leaders who now have stated claiming that there being target by the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission (KACC).

A political party has also come out strongly defending its members on graft, terming the graft czar KACC as targeting its members, up-to now the chairman of the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) Mr. Henry Kosgey, His Deputy Party Leader Mr William Ruto, Minister of Water Charity Ngili, Party of National Unity Suspended minister Mr. Moses Wetengula and Former assistant minister of Trade Mr .Harun Mwau are all facing investigation.

It is very wrong for political parties to defend someone who has committed an offence, even if one belong to the party one has to take responsibility as an individual, also being a state officer it doesn’t mean that one cannot be charge or has a write to misuse a public office, public office is not individual property and the people of Kenya voted leaders on bases of fighting corruption but not practicing corruption.

The President and the Prime Minister promised to fight corruption, to make Kenya a clean corruption free government, but what happens to the cabinet ministers, it’s a shamed to the state, from embassy saga, drug traffic, maize scams, oil scam ,IDP’s and even nepotism in jobs appointment. And for those named or are under investigation should give way and late the law decide on their fate.

Mr Harun Mwau should step aside to give way for investigation after named on the Drug scandal, while other ministers are under investigation by the KACC. Thanks to other ministers and civil society groups for calling on total war on corruption. Yes I agree it has and should start from the top to the bottom.

Some leaders have started claiming that there being targeted for political succession comes 2012 general election, there have gone to their extent to claim that their communities are target so as to be locked for 2012 race.

We should all condemn corruption and give all necessary support to the Kenya Anti Corruption Commission to fight this vise by accountability and transparent in our financial institutions should be exercise responsibility should be prevail, good statesmanship and democracy.

Therefore the Kenya war on corruption should go on, it should not be discourage by the arm of impurity which has rendered our country to be behind in development and not release its future direction. Let’s hope that all culprits will be brought up for charges and free us from corruption world.

Shedrack Lewa, is a social and political commentator based in Kenya

This post has already been read 17506 times!



  1. Hon David O Ochola

    July 12, 2011 at 2:20 PM

    I agree with you, Corruption had invaded the country and it is indeed shame that we are ranked among the most corrupt country in the world, and recently it was noted that our Political Leaders to say Members of Parliament are the most untrusted Leaders in Africa, which means they cannot be trusted.

    For us to do away with the system of inheritance of the corrupt nature, we MUST a low the KACC to do its part and make sure through the support of the citizens that the crafty personals known as per former KACC Boss Mr. Ring era “BIG FISH” are charged for the crafty cases and they return all the public resources they acquire back door.

    Otherwise, I see if we want to politicize everything is like we do not trust ourselves.

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