Former minister Nyatanyi’s sickness and the victimized clinic

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Kigali-Following her death in Belgium based hospital of the University of St. Luc on September 23, 2011; the body of former state minister in the local government in charge social affairs and community development Christine Nyatanyi has been laid to rest.

However, little was reported mainly about the cause of her death. Credible and official statement from the government confirmed that Nyatanyi died of cancer. yet her sickness and suffering was almost uncovered by the media.

When Paul Kagame’s government was swearing in the parliament in his 2nd tenure, In September 2010, Christine Nyatanyi did not swear in. She was out for the treatment.

In April 2011, sources had told Great Lakes Voice that Nyatanyi was suffering from stomach complications and when she visited the hospital (King Faisal hospital) for check-up, to find the Uterus was serious affected by the cancer and resolved to remove it completely.

According to well informed sources, the operation to remove the affected uterus from her body was recommended and carried out by the same hospital. And operation was carried out by Secyugu said to have been successful.

Regardless to Dr. Secyugu’s effort, the operation did more harm to his profession and his clinic than good.

One week after the operation, Secyugu was in the custody almost for a month, the medical council convened to withdraw medical license, facing temporary ban from the association.

According to Health Communication Center, Director General Arthur Assimwe, after the operation carried out on Nyatanyi following her conceit, the medical council in its meeting took the punitive measures against Dr. Secyugu sitting to have carried out unnecessary operation.

It’s when some close friends advised her to go for the treatments in Europe.

When the deceased, reached Belgium, she was told that her sickness was not as serious as they (Bien Entre-Doctors) had suggested. Belgium doctors convinced Nyatanyi that the operation to remove her uterus was not necessary and she would be treated and get well.

When Nyatanyi returned to the country, she immediately reported the matter to the health Ministry which was then headed by Dr. Richard Sezibera, who issued a directive to close the clinic and investigate Secyugu and his “Bien Entre” for carrying out un-necessary operation by removing the body part of the victim when she would be treated.


Efforts to reach Claude Secyugu the owner of the “Bien Entre” was futile since his official mobile phone was switched off. Sources say Dr. Secyugu is in Italy where he is practicing his profession.

“it’s the professionals that took the punitive measures, and soon the Healthy Ministry will be sitting to examine the sanctions against him and come up with the stand,” Assimwe said.

One family member who talked to the on condition of anonymity, said that it was not in order to speak about the sickness of the deceased when the body was just been laid to rest.

However, the Belgian based doctors  latter found out that the Cancer was uncontrollably spreading to other parts of the body. Which latter resulted to her death.

Well placed source in the ministry of health revealed the correspondence regarding the efforts of the ministry to bring back Secyugu and open his clinic.

This post has already been read 35720 times!



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