France and Rwanda are no drags of history

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“Our relations must not be polluted by the past” – President Kagame in La Liberation in Paris 13, September 2011.

The president meant that the two countries will not be held back and keep languishing for better and stronger bilateral relations after what roles were played in the 1994 Genocide that killed off up to a million Tutsi and which he fought to stop, a war that he waged to fight French forces who were partially intervening for the FAR forces.

His revelations come at a time after the two former opponents revived their relations and the president was in Paris, for the first time after the horrific etch on the tablets of history, to affirm the new development.

The new bilateral development is expected, among other stalking threats to Rwanda, end the FDRL rebel group in DR.Congo and add to the improvement of the economy, culture and help the entire community restore their broken livelihoods.


“Let me say that Rwanda is the safest country in the region and even beyond. But we remain very vigilant as regards what can happen in our neighbouring country, the DRC.”

However, in terms of cross border trade both Rwanda and DRC have improved their transaction as well as with Uganda.

And the Kabila-Kagame meeting at Goma two years back was a clear gesture that the two heads of state and their countries are moving on a more formidable step case to a better future through improved and fostered bilateral relations and economical harmonization.


This is very advantageous to France which was vital in the two countries’ politics of the 1990s. This time France would come in with more positive impacts suitable for the young vibrant generation not ready to back-walk but to forecast and fast-track a more firm future for all their generations.

Be it Kagame, Kabila and Sarckozy-he visited Kigali in February 2010-are people who have witnessed the negative impacts of regime- politics on their masses and their countries’ social-economic retard. These are some of the thing all head of state are fighting as they walk the red carpet to a globalized world.

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This post has already been read 10476 times!

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