France can’t dictate the niqab

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By Muvunyi Timothy

France has had to fight so many differing battles to protect  her super powers and at times forgotten or even ignored the rule of law complementary to the international human rights conventions and perhaps treaties stipulating respect for religious freedoms in this case the niqab or popularly known as the veil, turban.

This a costume and a traditional one worn by Muslims and other descendants of that religion for various reasons, and whatever the reasons causing them, especially women, to wear niqab has nothing and in fact little to do with the tradition and security of the native French.


Rigorous laws were enacted after terrorist attacks in Paris and other parts threaten the wellbeing and security in general of the European nation. And among the laws was one to have all Muslim women stripped of their niqab, veils, turbans and all other facial stashing.

This is an attack and a direct one on Muslim women living in France and others at large and the entire Muslim community. France is one G8 superpower that takes part in very many decisions on various world affairs, bearing in mind her strong security role.


There is no reason enough they would enact laws that guarantee their won rights and yet deny others of their traditional freedoms stipulated in international human rights conventions and law.

Wearing the niqab should not be perceived as threat and an incitement in Paris but more as a multicultural symbol that portrays the European as a modern society with well defined laws and strong security to guarantee everybody their freedoms without partiality. Or even leaving a crack on their traditional tablets.

This implicates the Christian religion, particularly the Catholics, who don’t put almost like the exact Niqab women but do wear some stash clothes that might cause suspicion in case of a terroristic environment or attack.

It is not modest neither modern for French people, strongly guarded and a member of the United Nations Security Council for that reason, to perceive and in fact enact laws that violate the rights on one who sought  safe havens among them or who might have immigrated there to do different valuable work that benefits the native French and other registered citizens and in the end some members of the community find though they struggle to fit in are portrayed as potential threats by certain laws stipulated for the good of France but, little knowing that they are against the Muslims.


This portrayed in a Minority context would imply that the Niqab clad are gradually being discriminated first by the laws they protest and are arrested for and secondly as they agitate to be exonerated and set free by the enactments.

France must see thing different to continue working together with the Muslims they have caused chaos in Algeria and other parts of the world and this would help the once declining European power return to the podium of world politics not that they have resolved some of the stalking sticky issues in the Great Lakes region.

 The author is a regular contributor of Great Lakes Voice

This post has already been read 14169 times!



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