Gacaca succeeded, that’s why I go to bed and have my sleep-Mukantaganzwa

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By Robert Mugabe

Mukantaganzwa speaking to the media

Kigali-considering our mandate, the number of the cases handled, participation of the community, environment and institution courage-Gacaca registered a credible success in the history of the world, Gacaca boss say.

The executive secretary of Gacaca courts, Domitila Mukantaganzwa making the evaluation of the Gacaca courts went ahead by describing international rights organization that criticizes Gacaca jurisdiction as “politically motivated.”

“…These Human Rights Watch, Amnesty international, even Reporters Without Boarders do recognize that Gacaca registered many success but these guys are politically motivated in their criticisms,” Mukantaganzwa said.

Gacaca is a part of the community Justice, inspired by tradition and established in 2001 in Rwanda to prosecute the perpetrators of 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi.

Gacaca courts have 54 cases to go under revision out of 1500,000 Cases judged. And final report is expected in December this year.

Speaking to the Great Lakes Voice, Mukantaganzwa admitted some weakness of Gacaca as “Ceceka campaign”-designed for all perpetrators to hide the truth by not revealing any information about the Genocide, corruption, harassing and persecuting witnesses, and false witnesses.

“If you want to know, I go to bed and have my sleep, because we succeeded in our mandate. And those who claim Gacaca failed, have their reasons to say which are far from justice. They have their political agenda,” She added.

Speaking on the claim that Gacaca courts were used by the government as apolitical tool, the Gacaca boss insisted saying “it’s fake and baseless.”

“Look about the case of Francois Byuma whom HRW claim his case was political; Byuma-was in Biryogo by then, trained Interahamwe militias. He has a gun, there are local people accusing him who are alive today, just tell me where is politics in that?” Mukantaganzwa asked journalists.

Gacaca jurisdiction will hand over to the ordinary courts after to prosecute the perpetrators of Genocide.

This post has already been read 18801 times!



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