Goma residents protests at the border between Rwanda and DRC

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By Robert Mugabe

Gisenyi, RUBAVU-Residents of Goma town mostly the Taxi motor operators have rioted condemning Rwandans and asking the authorities to close the borders in two border posts at La chroniche and petit barrier at the same time.

Hundreds of motorcycle tax operators, cry out loud “We don’t want Rwandans in our country” prompting chaos at the two borders.

Though border officials say they were not affected, but Rwandan side warned Rwandans to be vigilant while crossing to Goma.

“Rwandans are the one causing chaos in DRC, we want them out.” They said blowing whistles are shouting out loud, “don’t let them in.”

Sheikh Hassan Bahame, of Rubavu district, said he is concerned of Rwandans in the Goma side.

“Reports of Rwandans being harassed in Goma are yet to be identified now, but we are still concerned how such thing happens at the borders. We are requesting Rwandans to be calm and vigilant while crossing the other side until we find out the motive behind the riots,” Bahame told Great Lakes Voice

Border authorities in Rwanda think South Kivu authorities are behind the hatred protests.

“I have tried to contact Goma mayor to talk on the situation, but his phone is switched off. Our office will try to see how we can contact our neigbours to be careful with the situation.” Sheikh Bahame said.



This post has already been read 6667 times!



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