Gov’t imposes on community about some performance contracts-Civil society survey

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By Robert Mugabe

Kigali, Rwanda- the civil society platform survey that was carried out country wide suggests that Rwanda government imposes to the community on important  programs that affect the community without citizen discussion.

The survey points out the need to link the performance contracts that come from the community with the central government programs which mainly conflicts.

“The communities are concerned on the government programs which are implemented without community’s conceits” the survey says

According to the survey, programs like eradicating grass thatched houses, hearth care scheme new prices, land consolidation were not discussed enough with the community.

“There is a problem in Rwanda, when you use a questioner for the survey; people tend to give high marks even to the things they don’t understand. Apparently, it’s because of fearing the consequences of speaking their mind,” Jean Marie Vianney MAKUZA, Senior Consultant said

The survey results also show that there are obstacles to citizens’ participation in performance contracts Imihigo. These include:

The concept of performance contracts is still new for both leaders and population; Programmes initiated from the top are not discussed enough with the population. e.g The cost of Mutuelle de santé, Land consolidation and eradication grass thatched houses..

There are times when the performance contracts are beyond the means of the population. Resistance to change by community

Community do not participate in the evaluation of the performance contracts. The youth doesn’t participate in Imihigo process the survey indicates.

Accountability days usually take place at levels far from the community (Districts and Sectors) without participation of the community.

Discussions were held with key informants including government officials and civil society representatives at the national level and the local level (District, Umurenge, Akagari, Umudugudu).

Local leaders, civil society actors, business people, Community members helped the research team to assess the level of civic participation and accountability in the Imihigo process.

Discussions with the respondents were aimed at understanding the level of citizens participation in Imihigo process, factors affecting citizen participation, existing opportunities for improved citizens participation and  strategies needed to improve citizens participation as well as other opportunities for bigger citizens participation


This post has already been read 5427 times!

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1 Comment

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