High price of Rwanda’s health care scheme risks collapse

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Kigali, Rwanda-The infamous Rwanda’s health care scheme is risking failing due to the new policy that has increased the price of subscription causing the big gap between rich and the poor in accessing the health care.

Delivering the progress report on community based health care, Ozier Ndagijimana,Health Ministry permanent secretary,  said that the government will only pay for the 25.9% and RWF 2000 will be paid for each.

“Karongi district, is at forefront in subscription registering 75.4 percent as Gatsibo district lags behind with 55 percent, but we still have the challenge to mobilize the community,” Ndajimana said attracting a big applaud from the local government authorities when  He insists that the health care scheme will work.

Ndagijimana, added that the government is putting allot of efforts to sensitize the community to subscribe in the scheme.

Edward Munyamariza, the civil society platform spokesperson told Great Lakes Voice that, basing on the available number of the poorest population numbering to 47 percent which the government has directed limited funds in the scheme wide number of the population will remain in suspense.

“Look, the funds that the government has allocated to Health care to help the poor who can’t afford 3000per year leaves a big gap of the uncovered population” said Munyamariza adding that the government increased the price of health care scheme without consulting the community.

According to the survey carried out every five years, the House Hold Living conditions survey of 2005, suggests that 56.9 percent of Rwandans live below a dollar per day.

Also according to the local government survey, 47% of Rwandans are listed as the most poorest as the government plans to cover only 25.9 percent of them.

“The new policy of health insurance scheme “mutuele de santé” should be revised to fit the population income and the government should extend the coverage” the spokesman said.

The short massages which were aired live in the civil society dialogue and covered by Rwanda Television and radio suggested that the local authorities are taking the citizen’s property by force as a result of failing to pay for the scheme.

“Local authorities are taking our goats by force that we should pay healthcare first” the sms reads

“I am in Nyamagabe, we can’t access the basic services from public offices because we failed to pay to the money for the health care. I feel its allot of money to get”

However, Ndagijimana said that mishandling of the community is not in the governments’ policy.

This post has already been read 15373 times!



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