How’s internet café time different from normal time?

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By Muvunyi Timothy

Time is money. Yes a customer always accepted whenever they complain job being cheated of their time and money in any given internet café, the most service provider.

It almost bursts somebody’s head hearing that they would have to cut their stringent budgets to pay for an extra minute which they did not ask for or they have some of their thoughts slip their minds when their internet work is shut down half way over a rapid time pace.

This make one wonder the difference between time on normal watch and time on an internet workstation, the latter is faster and rapidly fast than normal.

If calculations/general auditing would be availed every internet outlet shocking figures of overcharge theft money could be reported. Just compare a minute on normal watch to fifteen seconds on the workstation and then calculate for twenty four hours in seven days, figures that are not portrayed in most cafes for a solitary reason.

If a customer visited an outlet for internet services every day for 24 hours and paid for an hour but got half of it every other day, the workstation manager would bank approximately Rwf2m- $3500 every year meaning that he made an estimated $10 everyday on only one person; it is Rwf100000-$200 on ten customers working for an hour each every day.

The business dealership is quite similar in the region workstation managers most of whom are IT technicians have way of altering time to be a bit faster to fetch in money and keep a dirty appearance that hides the fact they are minting millions in the shortest time possible. Internet installation cables are tangled everywhere depicting a fearful image in case of a short circuit or fire with little comfort and privacy.

This is how workstation managers manage to bank profits but it quite contrary to time and making money in normal accepted time intervals. Logically, making money in an internet café should be very exactly timed to a wrist watch and instead profits would be accrued from the fastness of bandwidth.

And this is in the exact context governments in the East Africa Community (EAC) are paying ransoms to install bigger broadband to avail faster internet.

This case study once implied in countries like China where teenagers are getting addicted to internet then a workstation manager would be the richest daily bread baker on African soil and particularly in Rwanda. Internet café is a lucrative venture but managers need to shape it into a career than a per-second dealership with chocking flavors between the workstation personnel and the client.



This post has already been read 21659 times!

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