How To Become A Theater Manager

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Have you ever thought about becoming a theater manager? If you are currently studying arts management or arts administration or you have already completed your drama or theater studies, such a job might be truly appealing to you at the moment. But the same goes if you do not have a particular theater specialization, but you do have a business studies or management degree. These titles will help you considerably improve your shots of being chosen as the new manager of a local theater, so if you have always had a close tie with the world of plays and theatrical arts in particular, you could try your luck applying for such an open position in your area.

Do You Need A Previous Experience To Be a Theater Manager?

Postgraduate studies are often times not mandatory for these jobs, but graduates who have an unrelated degree could take into consideration looking into postgraduate course with special emphasis on arts administration. Previous work experience however tends to play an important role for candidates. The following is a list of helpful examples of related work experience that will also boost your chances of being selected for the job:

  • voluntary theater work – or paid work in a theater bar or box office, if possible;

  • applicants who are members of a theater group will also be given more chances in front of the rest of the applicants;

  • if you have worked in shadowing, you might also benefit from more shots of being chosen;

  • in case you also have experience in performing or simply managing some productions that have been staged, no matter if technical or artistic acts, you will need to also include that in your resume;

  • make sure you build a customized resume that will include all of the necessary detailed that will make you look like the perfect candidate for the job.

  • theaters in need for a manager will pay particular attention to all the details and small things you might not find necessary to include in your CV or cover letter.

  • do not simply send a general sounding resume that only enlists your previous work experience and education , whether they are relevant to the jobs in Pietermaritzburg you are applying for or not. Sites like Zigo enable you to constantly refresh and update your resumes or CVs, creating the ideal image of a perfect candidate.

What Kind Of Skills Does A Theater Manager Need?

First of all, a well prepared candidate needs to show proof of excellent communication skills, as well as powerful organizational abilities and enhanced attention to details. Since you are applying for a management position, you will of course need to show proof of business acumen and the ability to work in a team. Nevertheless, you will need to also be prepared to work alone a lot of the time, juggle your priorities wisely and effectively, and be as flexible as you can. There will be many cases when you will need to work under extreme pressure, so you will need to have nerves of steel and prove your resilience and determination to work in the world of theater.

This post has already been read 9459 times!

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