I am not a member of any secret society-Pastor Rick Warren

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-I am a Rwandan says Warren

By Robert Mugabe

Pastor Rick Warren (net photo)

Kigali, Rwanda-the American evangelical Christian preacher, author and New York best seller of purpose driven life for four years and founding pastor of Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, California one of America’s largest and most influential churches says he’s “no member of illuminant” regarded as one of secret society.

In the press conference today with Rwandan journalists, Pastor Warren who is also the member of President Paul Kagame’s Advisory committee, said that calling him a member of any secret society is “Nonsense”

“I have been hearing these claims circulating at the internet, but let me tell you, I am a pastor. My father was a pastor. My grand father was a pastor. I am no a politician.”

When asked about the reasons behind the attacks against him, Warren said “the people who say so believe every thing at the internet to be true and the factor of jelous shouldn’t be ignored”

“People are jelous of me. Are jelous of Saddleback church. I only focus on my mission and my ministry.” He said

Rick Warren on gay

I am against adultery. I am against sex before marriage. I am against homosexuality. Look, if you believe in the purpose life, you can’t believe in the homosexuality.

I have heard people saying that there are men who are genetically attracted to their fellow men, may be yes as a result of fallen man.  Remember, the sin here is action. Because of the fall of man, it can be that some men are attracted to each other but that doesn’t mean they should have sex with other men.”

According to Warren, if all people do what they are attracted to, the world would be crazy. “You can’t have sex with the all women you are attracted to. You need to make a choice.”


Warren on abortion

PEACE plan initiator believes that abortion is a sin. Quoting from the Bible, Warren said he would only accept abortion if the doctor is saving the life on the mother.

“Many African countries are accepting abortion and homosexuality as a condition to Aid. But my advice to them is that, they should say no to that.

Warren on conditioned AID

“I have been a member of President Advisory committee since it started. I am against the cash that comes with conditions. If you need to legalize abortion to get AID money it’s wrong. That would be accepting foreign countries controlling your county.

I don’t normally get angry easily but, when I here about AID with conditions, I get mad. Rwanda should not accept that. ” Warren added


Speaking to the journalists, Pastor Rick Warren confidently pulled out his Rwandan diplomatic passport saying “By the way I am a Rwandan. I am at home.” However, few minutes he was rushing to Kigali airport to board a plane.

Warren who has been in Rwanda to witness the graduation of more than 3000 health workers in Kalongi district under PEACE plan training. Says many health workers will be trained in the country.

This post has already been read 31412 times!



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