I don’t work for my family only but for the entire Nation-President Nkurunziza

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By GLV reporter

More than 1200 organizations work with the Burundian head of state in the field of environment, the fight against famine and increased production by planting fruit trees.

Pierre Nkurunziza said his ambition is to bring people together around the work to establish the ideal of unity and reconciliation in place to meet and sing only around major holidays.

In an interview he gave to the press on Monday after visiting the vast fields in Ngozi and Muyinga provinces (north of the country), the Head of State said that expected production is very satisfactory since targeted where there were trees fixers who knew the bush fires periodically to plant these fruit trees.

“In some places when we started to plant fruit trees on the road, we wanted to test the popularity of the population in these fruit trees.” Nkurunziza said in an interview

 “Now we have done extensive field testing and found that where we planted these fruit trees, we are very satisfied because the recovery was performed by the population at more around 70 to 80% “said Pierre Nkurunziza adding that it is an action that began shyly thinking that this is a small firm but only towards the end we find that it helps to revive the national economy

“Within 5 years the population of Burundi is felt in everyday life consequences of this activity to plant such fruit trees. With overproduction, foreign investors will come, we will have jams, juices, wine, not to mention waste that will contribute to soil fertility, “said President Pierre Nkurunziza.

Who owns the production?

Referring to other activities that were developed during the community work (building schools and health centres, tracing or reconstruction of roads), Pierre Nkurunziza says he does not work for him and his family only.

“The production is part of the local community as we have done this through community service,” explained the Head of State said that the sale of production will help increase the coffers of that frame associations working with the Head of State.
These associations are not organized the same way as it can find members who lament the weekly wage received.

“Imagine if I win 4500Frbu after 6 days of work here in the association, while those who went to work for an individual earns 1500Frbu day.” Told the press, after meeting women from 11 associations working in an area of 40 hectares in Rugari and Muyinga province northern Burundi.
“It is true that passersby can take ripe pineapple and bananas in these fields supposed to be the head of state, but there are no regulations that clearly shows who will benefit from these plantations,” one hesitates Another local official in Muyinga.

Apply what you learned.

The head of state recognizes that what he does in agriculture is an inspiration and people trained in this area could do better.

Pierre Nkurunziza deplores the fact that the Burundian government funds the research of university final which are useless in the development of “small farmer” who nonetheless served to training.

“We want our scholars to get together with people to practice what they learned. The peasantry has contributed enormously to our training, “explained Pierre Nkurunziza, who had been students together with the Faculty of Agronomy finalists who are preparing their” memoirs “in this field visit fruit.

These students bemoan the fact that there is not enough detailed studies to show the plants adapted to different regions.

“Some fruit trees are planted in small low land such as avocado in the swamps of the commune Tangara (north of the country),” laments one of those students who remains satisfied with the initiative of President Nkurunziza

This post has already been read 12296 times!

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1 Comment

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