Ingabire case adjourned to Wednesday due to the interpriter

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  • Victoire Ingabire’s links to FDLR are revealed as High Court trial begins

Kigali 5, September 2011; The National Public Prosecuting Authority (NPPA) today described to the Kigali High Court Victoire Ingabire’s links to the Democratic Forces for the Liberation of Rwanda (FDLR), a terrorist group composed of forces responsible for the 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi and war crimes, including mass rape, in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

After the case was adjourned twice at the request of Victoire Ingabire, the High Court on Monday morning ruled that the trial commence as prosecution contested that more evidence are yet to be transferred from Neither lands to Kigali.

Ingabire is charged with giving financial support to a terrorist group, planning to cause state insecurity and divisionism. Her co-accused are Major Vital Uwumuremyi, Colonel Tharcisse Nditurende, Lieutenant Jean Marie Karuta and Lt Colonel Noeli Habyaremye..

The Prosecutor General of Rwanda, Martin Ngoga, had said “The Prosecution is ready to proceed immediately as per the Court ruling”.

Prosecution claims that documents found during a search by the Dutch prosecuting authority, working with the NPPA, of in Victoire Ingabire’s residence in Zevenhuizen, Netherlands include “a written statement made by Speciose Mujawayezu, an aide to Ingabire, where she confirms sending money to Vital Uwumuremyi at the request of Victoire Ingabire.”

Uwumuremyi, an FDLR Major has already pleaded guilty. Jean de Dieu Turikumana, a memberof FDU-Inkingi, the party Victoire Ingabire heads, is also shown to have sent money to the FDLR under instruction from Victoire Ingabire.

Another document, the minutes of a meeting held in Brussels on 24th February, reveals that Victoire Ingabire and the FDLR leadership made a decision to establish a military organisation to topple the Government of Rwanda.

The decision taken by the Dutch lower court on 31 May 2011 to transfer the files and documents seized in Victoire Ingabire’s home in the Netherlands to Rwanda was opposed by Victoire Ingabire’s family and is currently being appealed in the Dutch Supreme Court.

interpreter controversy

Victoire Ingabire is represented by a Rwandan and a British lawyer, Gatera Gashabana and Ian Edwards. “We are ready to defend our client and we will prove her innocence”, Gatera declared.

When the case was going on, the defence translator proved to be incompetent according to prosecution. Then after the court convened in camera and accepted to change the translator and avail the courts own.  

“The court is going to avail our interpreter on Wednesday.” Judge said

This post has already been read 9402 times!



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