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Is media fighting each other in reporting?

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By Timothy Muvunyi

It is just unbelievable to see that some evil crimes against humanity can still be taking place under the eyes and ears concerned of realities like the emerging war in DR.Congo and the Oil wars in Uganda and the recurrent Coup d’etas that have stalked the continent for the last two years.

Some serious crimes that are sometimes and most occasionally dubbed as mob justice or something like that have went away rather on without jurisdiction of the justice system in the East African Community (EAC) and Africa in general even the ribald/vibrant media that pretexts to be very proximately reporting what they have obliged themselves as their main objectives.

It is questionable how the media in the continent emerging into a government entity and therefore almost ran by the governments who wouldn’t risk any disclosure of news that would betray their malpractice for whoever reason that they point out. Media thus tends to take the strongest side whenever there is infighting or a bilateral concern.

In this case biased-media could aggravate minor conflicts into persistent wars like during the 1994 Genocide. Thus media must adhere to their practical ethics. This is one main reason some outlets have even survived or failed to meet their editorial lines and go on to be censored , others have closed doors to save name for the good sake of their existence if not punitive measures that are inclined.

The future of media is becoming quite discernible in this spectrum of proximate reporting. When you read news on some skirmishes or wars you cannot fail to comprehend that some reports-versus international reports-are in most cases contradictory. But with good government dialogues there comes a niche or news that then seemingly-when it is correct-contradict first information/ latest news.

In the case of Iraq, Afghanistan and DR. Congo people have been confused by what the media reports and whether the international community is on the right track of the war crimes or if they are also editing and paraphrasing the former.

There is, therefore, all reason to build a true media outlet in the region to counter construed reports that are later after some conflicts regard and condemned as the whisperer of tragedy. The debates in Rwanda and apparently their effects are showing needed progress but some issues especially internal ones must be improved as well.

Much of the dilemma and consistent wrong reporting in some East African Media are a result of haste and scribble to make more money to meet the needs that are tied to develop in the rapidly evolving global media. To develop media that is internationally approved the elements or players must be motivated as should be stipulated in the wages laws

This post has already been read 6363 times!



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