is Rwanda’s Bernald Makuza demoted or promoted?

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By Muvunyi Timothy

Deputy president of Rwanda's sanate, Belnald makuza

This just sounds too much debate for nothing. The premier’s new appointment has real meaning in Rwanda’s politics and much to the caucus which perceive him as a predominant politician of post-war Rwanda. There is no need to retrospect his background after the 1994 Genocide but, Bernard Makuza is the main Prime Minister the country has had after the mayhem.

He is appreciated, though he is a member of a different political caucus, as President Paul Kagame’s reliable premier.

He has been in that arena for ten years and nothing annoying the president or the general public has been heard of him like reported of several ministers. The apparently strong agile chap has been active as portrayed with his representation at different functions. He is quite down to earth with the public with no sheer vanity-tell this with his simple appropriate cloth code.

The premier being elected as deputy president of the Rwanda’s Senate, the new seven year is quite a debate to the political arena and the general public that he has been close to for the last decade.

First of all the prime minister will be missed in the general sight as he concentrates on laws-amendments, enactments, lobbies-and be confined in Rwanda Parliament for the next presidential tenure.

 And off course he has much to rectify as the country moves away from the times stalked with horrific Genocide. This does not necessary mean that his predecessor Vincent Biruta has done little to orient Rwanda but, the premier with his overall post has loop holes/ gaps to bridge as well as pave way forward for the president to accomplish the national vision 2020.

As a prime minister, he much apparent in representing the president at different occasions home and away but, this is going to drastically change as he seats back in the senate to align matters that are for the good utility of the executive and henceforth the public. He will be quite out much sight but only on RTV in parliamentary meetings and other national ceremonies. Being appointed as the senates’ deputy president means a lot in developed countries like USA, however, this is not the exact case in a developing world where higher-post appointees are more of reckon than the rest in cabinet. This diverges to whether Makuza’s new appointment is a demotion or a promotion that would in the long run shape him for, probably, a presidential candidate or less of that-to retire as president of the senate.


Radicalists’ point:

Some radicalist may think and in fact want to prove that the premier, if at all would seem to have been sloped down to the lower arena, is going to make sure that some drastic constitutional amendments either for presidential term extensions like has been done in Uganda-a political old friend from the 1990 RPA struggle which the president saw end the 1994 Genocide-or add time for some grassroots leaders to shape the populace for a better future.

 The same radicals would then imagine that if he in deed was sent down for that purpose the it all implies that he would be in the senate to make sure that the opposition has little to accomplish in the next elections which, although the president has not clarified on a possible re-candidacy-he would win with a landslide victory as it has been remarked by his 95% and 93% considerations. The statistics clearly portray him as a trustee for the people and an uncontestable for the opposition of which some leaders have been implicated as accomplice in certain criminal offences.

And he would then be called a tornado against the opposition if he really cleaned the air of crime-accomplice politicians and points- many of whom are reported to be vowing to challenge the president from at large. To such political sphere, the mind is that Makuza is walking down the ladders to bloke them off from ribald politics. But whether that is the exact case or not remains a predicament.


Pundits’ square off:

The former prime minister remains very much respect for the unprecedented role he has played in shaping Rwanda and Rwandans for the better future. He is looked to forward to do the same and in fact execute his duties much better as the president also makes sure that indeed his subordinates walk the right direction to a more formidable brighter destiny very far developed than what almost every Rwanda has plighted in the last century.

In this mindset Makuza is imagined and in fact would be wanted realized as the president’s flyway to Rwanda’s projected future. He must shoulder a harder task as the country evolves through its development. And in fact the president urged leaders to consolidate what they have achieved over the years, this urgent with the senate and thus the premier president.

This post has already been read 7488 times!



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