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It is the new test of democracy

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By Timothy Muvunyi

DR.Congo is yet again experiencing one of the most crucial tests of any potential leadership after a languishing for direction.

The two presidential candidates and now the same fighting to take oath for the higher seat is a reflection of whether the diverse country could be at the verge of parting or nearing another conflict that would end up drawing everybody and the region to the early 2000s.


However, that is quite a bit complicated now that the US is setting foot in the region to combat LRA and possibly any groups that are contested in terrorism and its likely that the navy will find every reason to set camp in sub-saharan Africa which has been bed for the birth of different rebel groups and guerilla wars-some have been revolution and others born to fight the victors.

This is expected to be perceived as a springing ground for terrorists and that contravenes international security principles and peace in general.

DR. Congo is already enriched with various gems and an investors’ destination that will be protected in all hands to make sure that it prospers as well as fostering security and peace in the region- this means that if the supreme court indeed said that the Kabila is the leader for the large country for the next five years, then it is expected that that is what it is and must be abided with to keep Peace and security.

However, the other Tshisekedi has all right to stand for the next elections if his age is in the constitution context. The two gentlemen should be engrained with reality that they are high profile people seen as elites by Congolese and other people and acting responsible for the sake of the country’s future is the most important thing.

This post has already been read 11128 times!



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