Kagame, a legitimate president of Rwanda leading a corrupt system-opposition politician

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John V Karuranga, The Rwanda's people party boss

By Robert Mugabe

The opposition politician, John V Karuranga, the leader of Rwanda people’s party (RPP-Imvura) based in UK have accused RPF machine being so corrupt that it may steer-up conflict in Rwanda any time.

“Rwanda’s problem is not president Paul Kagame, but the corrupt system which needs serious reforms and negotiating with the opposition for general interests,” Karuranga told the

“Our fundamental political difference with President Kagame is about the political direction at which our country is heading to. I am neither after his head nor the heads of his colleagues and or seeking to force them into exiles. I wouldn’t dream doing that to Mr. Kagame or to any Rwandan.

Karuranga, denounced the other politicians who have decided to take on Peter Celestin Rwigema and Gasana who attend Chicago Rwanda day. “I could go to Chicago to protest, I don’t believe in every protest. We are pushing peaceful negotiation not protest…

That’s not the RPP’s vision and policy. Robert, I have been fighting for the rights, freedom and dignity of our people since March 1983. In 1986 I was tortured and spent over 8 months at Luzira maximum prison without trial. My only crime was to mobilize fellow Rwandan to liberate ourselves,” He said.

Karuranga who claims some of his people are in Rwanda recruiting, believes that Rwanda has taken a considerable step since 1994 Genocide against the Tutsi but without negotiating with the opposition, Rwanda risks conflict again.

The RPP boss has authored a latter calling for negotiations with Kagame on the future of Rwanda in areas of governance, reconciliation, human rights and democracy.

“We think that failure on the Kagame’s leadership to accept our offer will result into severe consequences for the country. It will be huge disappointment for the people of Rwanda who have been longing for peace and national reconciliation for the last 52 years.” He said

The effort to speak to Rwanda’s foreign minister, Louise Mushikiwabo was futile, since she couldn’t pick our call and sms.

In an interview, Karuranga said, he is able to come to Kigali with international community protection to negotiate with Rwanda government.

“We are currently working inside and outside Rwanda. The RPP’s vision has the support of all concerned Rwandan. They want peace and tranquility. They want to live together as Rwandan. They want to be governed by the country’s constitution but not by the fear of ethnicities. The RPP is a political party that has a clear vision for our country and ability to unite the people of Rwanda for their common Endeavour,

… What we want in Rwanda is the rule of law and where offenders are apprehended and brought to book within the contest of the independent judiciary system. We recognize the importance of the Gacaca court and we will uphold its deliverances. We want all genocide ring leaders to be brought to justice inside the Rwandan court. These are one of the main reasons why we want to peaceful negotiated settlement.

This post has already been read 7732 times!



  1. gaha

    June 21, 2011 at 1:29 AM

    Why does everyone who is a failure in exile think they can be a roaring success in Rwanda? Let Karuranga -by the way does shaving hair cost too much in US?)- come home and compete with the most humble muturage. He will be surprised at how competitive Rwanda is. Why is he afraid to come he must be shepherded by UN?. What crime did he commit?
    Rwandese have so much trouble with the tasks of everyday life to think of a ‘scarecrow’ like Karuranga. He should stop insulting our intelligence.

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