Kagame says $I.6B should be paid to Rwanda to carry RDC burden

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By Robert Mugabe

Kigali-Rwanda-addressing the national dialogue commonly known as “Umushyikirano”, President Kagame said the $1.6Billion paid to Monusco to fix Congolese issues is a waste.

President Kagame surprised the hundreds of government officials, local government, diplomats, Diaspora when he commented on DRC crisis saying “If you want me to solve the problem of others, pay me for it. The so called UN group of experts’ reports is pre-made before the investigations are done. The sanctions too are planned earlier.

“Why do you have pay such big money to a big number of UN troops to fix DRC issues, after failing the blame is on us. No, it’s not right to blame the neighbors, we will never accept that,” Kagame said

“Rwandas we have got our own problems to attend to. If you want me again to attend to the issues of DRC, then you need to pay me.

Africans must reject the stereotypes placed upon us, we must fight back. If they push you, don’t budge.

This $1.6Billion paid annually, should be given to us and then, we be blamed if we fail. But you can’t blame the neigbour for the issues of another country. Rwandans should resist that at all costs.”

This post has already been read 6078 times!

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