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Keep Your Home Safe as You Travel

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Staying safe while traveling: put those words into the search box on Google, and you are going to get a lot of articles telling you how to not look like a tourist.  And while you might be at slightly more at risk when traveling, your home will be more vulnerable than you.

Ensure your home is safe with the help of a locksmith.In general, crimes are committed when thieves see a moment of opportunity.  The majority of criminals look for low-risk opportunities that make it easy for them to get what they want without getting caught.  And what could pose a lower risk than an empty home?  There is no one there to stop them are come home and stumble upon them, and they can really take their time instead of quickly getting in and out. 

But what can you do to stop them?  The best thing for you to do is to work with a locksmith.  While you aren’t trying to let the world know that you are gone, there will be signs they can pick up on.  A locksmith can help you minimize these signs and protect your home. 


Starting with a Home Survey


As homeowners, we don’t look at our home as a target for crime.  For us, it is our sanctuary.  And this perception tends to prevent us from seeing weaknesses in our home security.  But criminals will not overlook these areas of weakness; luckily for you, neither will locksmiths. 

Your locksmith will go over your home with a fine-toothed comb, locating any potential areas of weakness, making note of them, and then suggesting ways to fix them.  By the time everything is said and done, you should have a very secure home. 

In most cases, the locksmith will start with the outside of your home and work his way in.  Gates and outbuildings should be the first things checked, as well as your garage if you have one.  Locks will be checked, as well as codes for automatic openers, and other problems that might make you a target.  It will likely be suggested that you add motion-sensor lights and even cameras. 

The next place to check will be the exterior doors.  Common problems with exterior doors include using the wrong locks, placing the locks in the wrong places, and having weak door jambs.  Chances are the locksmith will recommend that you upgrade your locks or add locks to increase the security of your exterior doors.  He will also offer you door jamb reinforcement to prevent anyone from kicking in your door. 

Up next will be securing your windows and sliding glass doors, should you have them.  When it comes to these parts of the home, there really isn’t anything that can be done to stop people from breaking them and entering, but most thieves do not want to attract the attention that comes with making that much noise.  So to stop the majority of thieves, you just need to use the right locks and bars.  Your locksmith will be able to explain which options work for you.


Moving to Minimizing the Signs


Next up is to minimize the signs that you are gone.  This means installing timers on lights that mimic your movement throughout your home, changing your mailbox so it is locked and can hold more, and even using timers to turn on the TV.  These measures make it less likely that a criminal will pick up on the fact that you are gone. 

So before you take your next trip, work with a local locksmith to secure your home.  

This post has already been read 7527 times!

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