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Kenya government should declare drug abuse as a national disaster

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By Shedrack Lewa

 More than 50,000 youth have being affected by drugs at Kenya coast according to the report by NACADA Director at the Kenya Coast Sheik Juma Ngao. Also several youth have died due to scarcity of drugs after the Internal Minister of Security released the drug dossier which was handed over to him by U.S.A. Ambassador of Kenya.

The most affected parts of the country is the Coast Kenya, particular the Mombasa Suburban areas of Kisauni and Likoni. These places were drug free before; but now walking to the street, what one see are the drugs consumed freely.

 Parents have complained and even demonstrate and threaten to strip naked in the past but the arm of law has play low profile on fight against drugs.

 Professor George Saitoti the former Kenya Vice President and now the Internal Minister for Security has promise to fight drug barons by all means, after being named as drugs top suspect.

Now, Saitoti have transferred all the police commanders at the Kenya Coast, the move have been welcomed by religious leaders congratulating the police on drag war.

 The youth are the most affected people in our community, drugs has rendered some to be mentally ill, others have lost their jobs and we have experience the rise of HIV/AIDS in our youthful society.

The element of street life has been transferred to the homes thus creating indecency behavior in some family, there are many cases of women abuse, child abuse, domestics violence and many others.

 I believe it’s the right time to declare drug taking and trafficking as a national disaster same as famine/drought which has already keep the government on its toes. Our leaders should understand that the effect of drugs is more dangerous and destroy the work force of a country.

 Those whose family are in social and economy depression are mainly victims of the drug taking, it’s also very expensive to rehabilitate a drug addict, to have to take he/she to a rehabilitation centre which the family has to fund.

 Thanks now that there are well wishers who have come out to help those drug addict who will a Vail themselves for treatment at government centers, treatment is also free and there are some feeding programs.

 Let’s all of us fight drug menace and keep vigilant on drugs, our society should not be tempted that one selling drugs he/she is going to be rich. Drug traffickers should be punished and their wealth taken by government to help the needs.

 We should not let this visit to spread to our fellow great lakes countries but lead by example to fight the act. 

 Individuals who are out to enrich themselves by selling drugs are the enemy of our society and should face the full force of law. Harsh law for such people should be priority. 

 Security should be tight at all entries; the vast coastline should be patrol day and night so as to suppress drug traffickers. Pupils in schools and at home should be train on importance effect of drugs in our society. even refugees who crosses daily to Kenya from war torn Somalia needs to be educated on importance of not involving in such business.

Professor Saitoti who’s minister of internal security should go own with investigations and charge all the drug traffickers, we honesty citizen we a very sure that drug taking and trafficking will end as long as we keep cooperating and uphold our responsibilities toward the future drug free Kenya. 

Shedrack Lewa, is a social and political commentator based in Kenya

This post has already been read 29849 times!



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