Kenya should not pull out of International criminal court.

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By Shadrack Lewa

Six Kenyans brothers who have been named by the chief prosecutor of the international criminal court (ICC), Moreno Ocampo, should not panic and get worried,  because being named by ICC doesn’t mean that one is guilty till be proven.

 Ocampo’s claim to have enough evidence against the suspects should not let these brothers panic either. And as good citizens who love democracy, the suspects should all cooperate and face the international crime court. 

 Kenyans need to show the world community that, we’re a mature nation by not calling for the pull out of our beloved country form the ICC membership.

 Instead, our fellow Kenyans should challenge what other world leaders do by not hiding from the international crime court. I congratulate the Eldoret north M.P William S. Ruto for his first announcement that is ready to appear and cooperate with the International court, this give moral to other named people to be ready to appear at the Hague court.

 Those who are calling for the country to pull out of the ICC are very wrong and are part of impunity in Kenya; our respect cannot be lost just because of few individual who are not willing to take political responsibilities.


As a positive leader one has to take responsibility and let the law decide but not hiding on the back of his community and calling for unnecessary actions.

As a great nation, Kenya is bigger than an individual. We all have to put our nation first before individual interest, regional or tribal politics us this will further divide this country, we need to focus on unity, love and peace as the former president used to always remind us.

 The parliamentarian who passed the motion on Kenya withdrawal from the ICC should be investigated over their motives because I believe there have not taken there responsibility as wise leaders of this nation.

 Kenyan government should call for an open commission to be formed with neutral members, to investigate all the unnecessary reports, meetings and their motives.

 The claim that ICC is another form of colonial and thus exercising imperialism by focusing on African suspects in its investigations only, shouldn’t be regarded as an excuse.

Its total shame for our leaders to vote for the removal of our country from the ICC membership, Hopeful Mr. President won’t write and sign for the withdrawal of Kenya from the international community court.

 Kenyans will never forgive such leaders and as we are soon going for election we have high hopes of voting out such leaders and coming up with leaders who will respect democracy and international integration, leaders who will be in front to fight for development and peace round the world at whatever cost.

 But not leaders, who dare hide back their tribe masques whenever there are problem or scandals just to attain there selfish motives.

 Therefore, let our leaders re-think and revisit the issues of ICC and respect the country international integration, let there be peace and those who have been named by ICC should cooperate and wait to be cleared by the Hague court.

  For the entire globe is watching our activities concerning the ICC as this should be clear to our leaders, Also they should understand that there not the first and they’re not going to be the last leaders of this country.

 Our former regime, fought hard to be integrated into the ICC that should be in the minds of those who are pulling out our country from the court established under Rome status which Kenya is a signatory.

 Let all good citizens fight for democracy in our country and even round the world, what we have achieved should not be washed away by such leaders who do not think wisely.

 For the good larders, would cooperate and avail them to the international criminal court.

 Lastly I believe our six named Kenyans by the International criminal court will be available to the court at any given time and give the law an opportunity to judge them.

Shedrack Lewa, is a social and Political critic based in Kenya.

This post has already been read 8208 times!



  1. Hon David O Ochola

    July 12, 2011 at 2:07 PM

    I applauds this because as long and as much we feel the pain of the lost citizens during the post Election Violence, we need to feel joy if the victims are being given Justice by and the fair treatment to justice.

    Let us welcome Hague in our heart because being mentioned is not being guilty, let us not think just of today, while the future Kenya. How will Kenya be tomorrow if we cant fight out the political impunity?

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