Kigali veteran cooperative in arms with employees

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Kigali, Rwanda-The Kigali Veterans’ Association, a union of retired soldiers charged with manning street parking, KVCS is being accused of exploiting its employees.

Disgruntled members told Great Lakes Voice the company is marred with mismanagement, mistreatment, misuse of funds and favoritism.

Veterans say their salaries delay for close to two months. “We take the whole day struggling with stressful clients who insult us and mistreat us under the hot sun, but we have to again endure the pain of waiting for two months without pay,” Said JM Munyandamutsa

“My landlord gave me an ultimatum of 10 days. Now am confused, we have waited for our salary in vain. KVCS says they need always to deduct health care fee, social security cash and a lot these excuses. But until when.” Hurried Ismail said

“This little salary comes in the middle of two months. We have been told the management will reform the procedure but I think, they just can’t change anything because the system works for the benefits of the management,” said Sgt (rtd) Karemangingo

Reacting to the accusations the company administrator and human resource director Capt (rtd) Eugene Kasavubu said the management is aware of the issue about the delay of the salaries and promised to ratify.

“This same problem should not be blamed on the management only. They have a hand also; we pay them from what they have worked for. The money we get from street collections is consolidated to get the salary. We no longer get money.” Kasavubu said.

Though Kasavubu did not provide any evidence proving that employees to be stealing from the company, veterans claim the association continue to deduct from their salary as a part of pension but KVCS owes the pension giant Rwanda Social Security Board (RSSB).

A well placed source in RSSB told Great Lakes Voice that most of the KVCS employees are not covered by RSSB.

“These veterans come here many times claiming their accounts which are not here. Even the few covered, don’t honor their contributions. KVCS owes RSSB allot of earlier.  And the payment has been the same. Always late and many times they don’t even show up.” The source familiar with the situation said.

Power wrangles in KVCS

According to the veterans, KVCS was managed well in its early days when Capt (Rtd) Kanamugire was the boss.

“This company has a history. Emmanuel Kanamugire who was the founder of this association was a victim of well planed coup. Yes, the time our company had issues. We knew he was in danger because some powerful people who I can’t name for my security wanted the company so bad that they used some people in the management and Kanamugire ended up in prison,” a KVCS staff said

Our investigations prove that Emmanuel Kanamugire is no longer apart of KVCS. He was arrested and detained for 13 months and latter released without any court procedure. When this publication contacted Kanamugire for the comment, He did not want to talk about the issue.

What’s known to Great Lakes Voice, is that Kanamugire was arrested, detained and released without any charge or any hiring. His family was not allowed to visit him.

KVCS is now managed by Rwemalika Bosa. He has held two meetings with veterans, promising them change. The disgruntled veterans says Bosa can’t change anything since the people in KVCS with power want the situation to remain as its for their own enrichment.

This post has already been read 8262 times!

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1 Comment

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