Libya’s democracy might be a challenge to US foreign policy in the Arab world

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Killing the dictator could be the end of the war and a remarkable moment in the history of that country and the world but, it will quite take a long time to stablize Libyans once they instigated with terroristic indulgent as they continue to grow hungry for power and race for the first democratic leadership in over forty years.

The news of the National Transitional Council(NTC) victory has been hailed by world ;leaders and Libyans in general but, the death of the Colonel, perceived as a world figure and his shooting a battle with the rebels could be an inspiration to the al-shabab, al-qaeda and of the terrorist groups which vow to fight democracy and westernization a in the Arab world-remember that Gaddafi had to compensate Lockhabi victims for the 1980 attacks on the plane that crushed there; this could be another reminder of what a comrade he was to them, especially, in fighting western impositions on Muslims.

Though, terrorism seems to be dwindling to its end, it is likely to take another course and nature with evident deaths of its top organizer, Muammur Gaddafi’s death is just four months after the death of al-qaeda most wanted leaders Osama Bin Laden.

It is quite in good strategic regard that the world leaders hailing the fall of the Libyan dictator should also bear in the cause that they are fighting trained military men which means they must be ready to counter more intricate wars quite different from prolonged leaderships, terrorism, piracy but, to fight a steady war of people with a certain recognized and distinct culture and view of the world and their destiny trying to device their way of leadership and development suitable with their way of life. It is likely to be a global challenge.


This post has already been read 17519 times!



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