M23 rebels fighting tooth and nail to capture Goma airport

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By Josephine Lukoya & Robert Mugabe

Goma-DRC- fighting that broke out last Thursday night between M23

rebels and regular army is now at the gates of Goma, marking the first
time that rebels have come this close since 2008. Great Lakes Voice
DRC regular army (FARDC) supported by the UN troops have used heavy
artillery and gunships but they have failed to hold back M23 fighters
who are now in 1 and a half kilometers to Goma.

“We’re just near the airport, God willing we shall be in Goma this
night. The barriers we have are UN troops who are fighting us. We are
not in hurry, we are fighting to defend ourselves,” Col. Vianny
Kazarama, M23 spokesperson said

Congolese army spokesman Col. Olivier Hamuli said the fighting has
been going on since 6 a.m. Sunday and the frontline has moved to just
a few kilometres (miles) outside the city. He denied reports that
Congolese soldiers were fleeing and refusing to fight.
M23 are reportedly using 172mm at the battle making it hard for UN
troops to hold positions for some time.

UN troops are helping the mass to flee the conflict as the governor of
Northern Kivu, governor Paluku who sits in Goma has been evacuated to
Bukavu South Kivu.
North Kivu governor Paluku said Saturday that the Congolese army had
earlier retreated from Kibumba, which is 30 kilometres (19 miles)
north of Goma, who he says were backing the rebels, attacked early

This post has already been read 19331 times!



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