Members of the pro-FNL Rwasa say they are threatened the CNIDH is a shatter

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Jean Luc Ndaruhutse

Brother Emmanuel Ntakarutimana, CNIDH president


Bujumbura, Burundi-More than a two months and a half has gone by since the five party members loyal to FNL Agathon Rwasa, political leader in exile, took refuge in the chambers of the Independent National Commission of Human Rights, CNIDH afraid of being persecuted by people saying they affiliated with the ruling party.

They asking the authorities of the CNIDH to plead for them to obtain asylum, either in embassies in Bujumbura, or the High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) or the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

“We fled the town of Kanyosha to escape Imbonerakure CNDD-FDD and especially the National Intelligence Service, SNR, they wanted to kill us. The SNR has compiled a list of about 50 party members of the National Liberation Forces to be killed in our town. They are accused of having taken up arms or to refuel fighters, “say these people.

For some time, members of the opposition in general, especially those loyal to the party FNL Agathon Rwasa in particular say they are persecuted by certain people in the security services, particularly the national information, in collusion with members of the Youth League Imbonerakure affiliated with the presidential party, the CNDD-FDD.

“… When they catch us, they say they are the SNR … They wanted to recruit me to work with the intelligence, I refused. They wanted me to help them find my fellow FNL to recruit them or kill them …, “said one of the victims. While some fled to unknown places, these have chosen the office CNIDH as a refuge where they live in conditions could not be more deplorable and cannot get to work or see their families.

These people claim to have incurred torture by people known as intelligence agents. “I was once arrested at the Gare du Nord [public parking Kamenge in Bujumbura] by a desire Uwamahoro and Cyril. They gave me 300 strokes at the cane. They took me to the intelligence headquarters, “says one of them that even sustain legacy with genital torture.

While the government still insists that the safety rules over the whole country, cases of killings and extrajudicial executions are reported here and there throughout the country, says CNIDH receive requests for assistance from members the pro-FNL Rwasa who say threatened.

Brother Ntakarutimana Emmanuel, President of the Commission regrets that there is some state officials who violate human rights, calling on the services in charge of security to ensure that arrests are performed in compliance with the law . CNIDH invites the authorities and the public to report cases of abuse in time to rescue victims.

Brother Ntakarutimana is a nod to the Government on cases of torture and extrajudicial executions that are trained to suffer these people, which could lead to a feeling of revenge sooner or later.


This post has already been read 5188 times!

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