MONISCO chief summoned to Rwanda over the UN controversial report

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Kigali, Rwanda- Rwanda’s foreign affairs and cooperation Minister, Louise Mushikiwabo said Rwanda has summoned United Nations peace keeping mission chief to Kigali to discuss about the MONISCO reports and recent speculated report implicating Rwanda to be backing mutiny.

Speaking to the state owned RTV, Mushikiwabo warned that any slip of tongue or recklessness or else having a loose talk would fuel conflict. “Some people and organizations are not happy when the two countries [DRC and Rwanda] are in good terms. They are authoring reports and using the media to strive to achieve their agenda,” Mushikiwabo noted.

According to Mushikiwabo, MONESCO is not delivering to its expectations. UN reports are a big problem to some regions with conflict. There is injustice in these reports showing arrogance and lack of legality.

“Saying that there are Rwandans in Eastern DR Congo is meaningless, we have Kinyawanda speaking in DRC as a result of border and history, we have Rwandans who fled Rwanda after committing Genocide, so seeing Rwandans in DRC doesn’t mean Rwandan government is backing the mutiny,” She said.

However, Mushikiwabo said Rwanda expects to address that injustice after joining UN Security Council apparently by January 2013.

“Rwanda is a country with interests, we are profiting in peaceful relations with DRC. We’re not profiting in the conflict. Its un acceptable to say Rwanda is backing mutiny in DRC.”

Mushikiwabo also defended China by refuting claims that China wants to exploit Africa. “Next month, we shall be in China, Africa conference to see how China can work with Africa but not individual state.

In fact, China’s approach is better that these western countries who have been here for centuries.”


This post has already been read 7223 times!



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