Muhozi cleared the air off possible hierarchy

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By Muvunyi Timothy

The son of the president of Uganda Lieutenant Colonel Muhozi Kainorugaba said something that sound truly colloquial to most readers and pundits of Africa’s politicking particularly in the Great Lakes Sub-Sahara.

Kainorugaba was retaliating media and rumors after the leaking US cables through Wikileaks that his the most likely with potential to take the seat and lead the Pearl of Africa for the next two or four terms after his liberating father President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni steps down in 2015.

The Special Forces commander rubbished all gossip that he was not certain his father is not glooming him for the leadership. The large rumor is reaction to the rapid promotion of the president’s son from lieutenant, to major-rank clad him by embattled and ousted Libyan quadra-decade leader Muammar Gaddafi, to now lieutenant Col rank and experience portraying him for the privileged position.

Due to the politicking in the region that has been characterized by unconstitutional impeachments and hierarchies, it seems Ugandans are perplexed by the probability that Museveni who fought a four years guerilla war fare to capture the Pearl from bloody dictatorships would in essence of avoiding any bloody elections or revolting if he asks for another term might take on his son, give him the post and lead behind him as a chief presidential adviser and specialist of Uganda politics and fighter for the formation of the East African Community and its integration into the first EAC federation- he stands many chances to be elected by the five EAC member heads of state as the EAC Federation president if it gets done as planned.

His opponent and comrade Dr. Kizza Besigye of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDU) seems to declining his tension with his commander after the walk to work besmirch and two failed presidential elections.

Besigye portrays power and was proved by long throngs of Ugandans upon his arrival from the Kenya hospital where he was admitted for several injuries including a fractured arm. This was like a gesture that the same people who might have elected YK in to office another four year fourth term still love and admire and wish him well like they may the president.

This is also clear evidence that as much as they have mixed and sometimes distinguished feeling for both candidates, they may urge the two comrades to leave them in peace with somebody they believe and expect to orient the Pearl to their vision, and this might be Muhozi who they have witness grow into a recommended special forces commander and a lawfully wed family man.

Muhozi rebutting the rumor would as much as surprise curious masses call for his candidacy. Ugandans are very much for politics and the Buganda Kingdom versus the Central Government debates, demonstrations, the Kasubi Tombs burn, Kony war fare, the high profile deaths of Kazini, Mayombo, the Somalia UPDF mission, the realization of the South Sudan Government which Museveni has moderate in Kenya and other places and Muhozi’s battling of Kony in the North and other sticking issues have caught Ugandans aground to the evolution of their politics more than they did in the 70s and early 80s.

This curiosity of their politics and their destiny might interest them in Muhozi who they all perceive as their own nurtured potential once he gets involved in representative politics. Though there has been no news paper poll but it is common that while some have been relieved by his assertion, some are burning with curiosity and are anxious to know whether the president’s son is eyeing the big seat or whether what he said is just political colloquial-a notion that the young commander is starting to avert yet vie for the head of state chair.


Ugandans are not the kind who would want to see their most cheered president relinquish power or his son take power as happened from Laurent Kabila to his predecessor Joseph Kabila. They have gone through much suffering and they would never want or risk that time in their history ever.  They have worked through hard times to develop Kampala into EAC’s vibrant shopping emporium attracting business people from Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and DR.Congo load metric tons of different goods on a daily basis.


They have emerged into an education center exporting teachers and doctors and engineers to EAC member countries.  Uganda has some of the region’s best resorts and escapes and estates like it hadn’t in the past regimes. Museveni has been at the core center attracting manufacturing entrepreneurs and henceforth creating industries and employing thousands like not the past heads of state did.

These are some of the evident and predominant factors that the learned Ugandan(s) would never temper taking back to the bloody hard old days and it one of the reasons they might and at some occasion persuade and elect Muhozi, a young Kampalan brought up and known to all Ugandans, for the bigger task of protecting their interests as well as moving them to their fascinated destiny.

The author is a journalist in Rwanda

This post has already been read 16037 times!



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