Museveni good visit, wrong persecution sight

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By Muvunyi Timothy

Nobody was not pleased by the state visit of Rwanda’s close friend and neighbor, Uganda’s President, first lady and daughter in August. They visited several places like normal the Genocide sites, President Paul Kagame’s home in Eastern Province, state house, midugudu and the two comrades and counterparts involved in monthly community general cleaning.

This was a clear gesture  that the two former guerilla war comrades are staunch advocates for democracy, good governance and bilateral relations and that, they are  ready to mould East African Community (EAC) in to a place of freedom and economic development and a sovereign EAC Federal, once all plans are completed.


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni reminded people of their 1981 NRA struggle that would later nurture RPA soldiers who then waged the 1990 guerilla war that overthrew the former discriminating extremist regime and ended the 1994 Genocide that saw over a Million Tutsi killed off.


The two presidents recited their economic achievements and what they would do to improve the standards of living in their two countries and the community that would them merge into gradual change on the African continent not forgetting turmoil Somalia where UPDF and AU are trying to build Peace and end the terroristic conflict that has held that region behind modern day development.

The counterparts then pointed out some of the things that must be done to see that the North of Africa, particularly Libya, doesn’t indulge into complete war fare and suddenly Genocide like the one Rwanda’s RDF is fighting to end and has indeed gradually wiped in South Sudan’s Dufur region, in the Republic of Southern Sudan.

The conflict in Northern Uganda and South Sudan causes by LRA’s Joseph Kony and SPLA’s RIP John Garang have denied the regional decency, development, killed off so many and internally displaced thousands back into abject poverty which they are battling to eradicate as peace and freedom drifts back in the part of Africa.

Internal and cross boarder displacement of the regions’ natives has been the main cause of all wars added now to the economic advantages and territorial divide. It this, among other causes, that saw the NRA and RPA fight bush wars to bring the region back to normal after years of bloody regimes stemming from misconceptions and malpractices claimed on colonial error.

NRA fought to end Milton Obote, Tito Rutwa, and Idi Amin’s possible re-org and return and lately to maintain peace in the North from Kony. Rwanda on the other hand fought to end Juvenile Habyarimana’s regime, return refugees from Zaire as well as fight off former dictator Mobutu and now DR.Congo is led by Joseph Kabila who succeeded his assassinated father Laurent Kabila.

Internal displacement is not caused by grave political malpractice on subordinates but also social persecutions that cannot be justified and justice render for different reasons encapsulating the law.  As EAC grows into a formidable state and the region evolves from political evil to righteousness or upheaval to haven, persecution and crime, aspects involved in waging wars, are some of the outstanding issues that all member states, the AU and UN must make sure that are ended in the safest hand.


This is a main way to ended internal displacement to ensure stable settlement of the region’s populations for social-political and economic growth and expansion. To recite what Museveni said, among so much, is that, concisely and most precisely, Refugees from with states are not recognized and particularly those claiming to flee persecution will not find any safe havens in the region if the masses don’t approve that they are indeed saying the truth.


A president is sworn in office to tell nothing but the truth and act appropriately to the needs of the populace.  He meant that either country must arrest those that claim to be fleeing persecution, perhaps he meant that those that run must shut up and hid in their safe havens and whatever killed them, altogether would never be investigated and reported and prosecuted.

One day in Rwanda he told masses at the Amahoro national stadium that, in a proverb, Teeth set close to each other in any dental formation always crack the bones.

Should this mean that a persecuted person in EAC must live like a fugitive or diabolic to make up his life, must not stand before the courts of law to be heard and exonerated as they criminal is convicted for the crimes committed, or after a large search and desperate punting for break havens they just went and hung as history would pile its own for the next generation.


This was not worth uttering for a president with such ascendance to power and democratic dominance; he is leading for the fourth four year term.

Could it be that he wanted to mean and as well urge the masses in either country that they have powers over the persecuted like the Philistines who crucified Jesus Christ on the Cross and were never taken before Pirate for prosecution and stubbornly asked the Almighty that what they have done to the Messiah only Son of God be judged on them and their next generations.


Or he never thought what he said would be inciting another Judas Iscariot or could be mistakenly heard and some person be murdered like Livingston was killed by the Basoga who were told to let him free and in their language meant to kill.


The visit was respectful, the rhetoric’s absolutely right but some of the topics were not clarified on.  Heads of state of EAC countries must make sure that whatever they talk or urge their subordinates are in the right language setting and context of solutions to different problems stalking the region in all its aspects of development.

Or what has been seen happening in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya could be the gradual and sudden end to republics that have ended regimes of evil and are perceived as concrete venue to a fully sovereign EAC, decent people and developed economy.

This post has already been read 15188 times!



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