Mysteries surround embattled Col. Mudenge’s case

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By GLV Reporter.

Kigali-The former Director General of Rwanda Utilities and Regulatory Agency (RURA), Colonel Deogene Mudenge, who was arrested on July 3 after allegedly threatening a man with a firearm, is still in custody as his case continues to be controversial.

Colonel Mudege was recently cleared of all his offences by a military tribunal, which ordered his immediate release. However, the order was not respected as military prosecution appealed to Military high court which has been declared incompetent for the case today.

The case has given rise to controversies, as some legal experts question why Mudenge is still in the custody when the military tribunal ordered his release.

“There is no legality of Mudege being in custody after the military court cleared him. Again, military high court cannot try him since the charges against him can’t be judged by military high court,” Me Mutimura Alfred told Great Lakes Voice.

Military and Defence spokesman, Lt Con Jill Rutaremera earlier told reporters that the Judges who ruled in Mudege’s case had taken sides, and were suspended from their duties.

RDF have suspended Brigadier General Steven Karyango and Lt Col Marc Sebaganji,  the Judges in case of Mudege. as an investigation into their alleged unprofessional and unethical conduct during duty is launched.

Their suspension is related to the allegations of some irregularities during Colonel Deogene Mudenge’s trial, time during which Karyango was the president of the military court.

Mudenge was cleared of all charges by the court but has since remained in custody in the military prison, making some question the independence of the court.

Mudenge is said to have bought a piece of land from Celestin Twagirayezu, a farmer, and made the advance payment through Goboka, a housing cooperative society that the farmer belonged to, but he (Mudenge) later abandoned the project.

Prosecution says, On July 03, Col Mudenge went to the farmer’s house and it is alleged that he grabbed some documents from the farmer after putting him at gun point,” Rutaremara said in a statement.

Rutaremara added that Twagirayezu spent the advance payment he received but was unable to pay it back before getting another client, prompting Mudenge to threaten him with a pistol.

This post has already been read 24833 times!



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