Netherlands will not send direct financial aid to Rwanda in 2011

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President Paul Kagame attending Broadband Conference

By GLV  Team.

Citing  a UN mapping report that accuses Rwanda Defence Forces of having committed crimes against humanity between 1993 and 2003 in DRC, and ‘other abuses of human rights’, the Netherlands will not send financial aid to Rwanda in 2011.

During recent “European development days” Conference in Brussels, the Netherlands tried to convince other European states to do the same, but in vain, saying that Belgium is supporting Kagame’s government “to buy influence”.

“In Brussels the idea exists that we wield influence if we support Rwanda”, said Dutch MP of the European Parliament, Hans van Baalen. “Even now, after the recent accusations stated in a UN report.”

Rwanda receives about 30 million euros annually from the Netherlands – only about four million of that is direct aid to the government, which was frozen last year. The rest is humanitarian aid.

Mr Van Baalen thinks this conviction will be proven false. And the Dutch government feels the same: The Netherlands will not send direct financial aid to Rwanda.

“The government doesn’t want to donate money to a country in which human rights are being violated and where there is a lack of democracy,” Baalen said.

However, according to British member of the European parliament, Michal Cashman, the Netherlands is wrong. “Where is the evidence? We’ll have to be careful with accusing Rwanda,” he said.

Mr. Van Baalen admits that the Netherlands stands alone in its opinion: “The Netherlands has taken a clear stance. But it is hard to find support in Brussels. I’m going to talk about the issue with the commission of Foreign Affairs and European parliament.”

Rwanda’s foreign affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo, was quoted by Radio Netherlands world wide that “Rwanda respects the decision of Netherlands to stop direct Aid for Rwanda but the relationship with EU remains very friendly.”

The Netherlands, which has a proposed aid budget of euro44 million ($60 million) for Rwanda in 2011, has suspended direct aid to the Rwandan government since 2008, due to allegations that the African nation was involved in the violence in DRC.

This post has already been read 81058 times!



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