NTV’s John Allan Namu Hiding in Finland after Expose Implicated Kenya Army in Hiding Kabuga

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By Godwin Agaba


NAIROBI-KENYA-NTV’s investigative reporter John Allan Namu and entire crew investigated the Kenyan government’s alleged role in protecting Rwanda genocide chief perpetrator Felicien Kabuga are hiding in Finland fearing that the suspect’s handlers might want to eliminate them, according to reliable sources.

A source in the European nation confirmed that the crew is hiding there. A source in NTV told this reporter that colleagues were not aware that the award-winning journalist was investigating the story that implicated the Kenyan army protecting the moneyed fugitive. The US government has placed a bounty of five million dollars on his head. “We were not aware that he was preparing that story. It took most of us by surprise. As of now, he is not in office,” the source explained.

On Sunday, NTV carried a story that implicated the army in hiding and protecting Kabuga, who has been on the run since the 1994 genocide – which he funded – that claimed at least 800,000 people in hundred days.

The fugitive is has escaped several dragnets, some organized by the US Federal Bureau of Investigations, including one that resulted in the death of a suspected FBI informer in uptown estate of Karen.

According to Namu, the Kenya Army soldier allegedly assigned to protect Kabuga disappeared — and may have been murdered — after he secretly took pictures of the fugitive, investigations have revealed. The soldier was part of a shadowy unit set up by people close to the National Security Intelligence Service (NSIS) and the military or who appear to have had access to facilities controlled by the two institutions.

The unit provided security for the runaway genocide suspect while he was hiding in Kenya even as the government denied knowing his whereabouts.

The startling facts about Kabuga, said to have been one of the brains behind the Rwanda killings were revealed in Sunday’s investigative documentary aired on NTV last night. The disappearance of Michael Sarunei, an infantryman who was part of Kabuga’s bodyguard, has raised questions about the government’s handling of the hunt for the fugitive businessman, whom the United States government has always insisted was being harboured by Kenya.

Contacted on Sunday, government spokesman Alfred Mutua denied the involvement of the present government in the Kabuga saga. He said that all the allegations that have been made about Kabuga’s refuge in Kenya point to events before President Mwai Kibaki took over at the end of 2002.

“This particular government has not been aware of anything to do with the protection of Mr Kabuga. We are working very closely with the Rwanda government to ensure that this man is arrested,” Mutua said. NTV investigations over the past five months, however, point to Kabuga still being in the country.

This post has already been read 20130 times!



  1. Kopeace P

    July 11, 2012 at 9:35 PM

    Why cnt d man b brought 2 justice? Why shd dey continue 2 harbour him?

  2. john

    July 16, 2012 at 1:19 AM

    Mr Kabuga somehow I know this message shall find you.As I said on sunday the 8th July , Mr Kabuga repent your sins to God first and to man,there is a point where money , money from the whole world will not give any protection.Even if you kill everybody in the world and remains alone,you have to understand that until you repents you cannot live at peace .God bless you and give you strength as you prepare to come out.


  3. john

    July 17, 2012 at 11:39 AM

    Your days are numbered kabuga, you have claimed so many lives, the Rwandan orphans, widows, and the dead are crying and waiting for justice to prevail. Now you have started killing Kenyans, you Must be responsible and one day am sure you will pay for those sins.

    the Kenyan journalists who are exiled are on your neck, you will have to pay for the atrocities you have committed in this world before and after Jesus comes.

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