Nyirangarama Unveils new Packing for his ‘Akarusho’ products.

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The proprietor of  Urwibutso Enterprises Sina Gerald has unveiled new packing for his alcoholic products as the country moves to faze out use of plastics.

 Parliament recently passed a draft law prohibiting the manufacture, importation, use and sale of single-use plastic items in Rwanda.

Single-use plastics are plastics that are used only once before they are thrown away or recycled, which pollutes the environment at a very fast rate.

Among others, they include plastic bags, cups, straws, coffee stirrers, soda and water bottles, and most food packaging materials.

It is from this development that local investor Sina Gerald has already unveiled new packing his local drink ‘akorosho.

The new packing designed in the national colors will help brand the drink better and also promote the country abroad according to him.

“This is our new of branding as people know we always have our unique way of doing things. we decided to introduce this brand after government asked is to improve on our packaging so that we can easily access the international market.”

He adds that it will now be easier for the brew lover to drink easily.

“Our customers both local and foreign won’t be burdened by having to carry the big bottle we have been packing in. This new packing will be easier for the to carry.”

Sina Gerard says that he is still looking for some way of the improving the packing of his other products he say though he has not yet been able to get a good solution he will have to do it as first as he can.

The packing for akarusho drink

“Currently we have decided that every year we have to introduce something new, and since we have already introduced new packing the akarusho drink we are soon going to introduce something new for another product so as to keep competing in the market.”He noted.

URWIBUTSO Enterprise  is owned and managed by Mr. SINA Gerard. It is oriented towards agro-processing industry sector. The company is located at Nyirangarama in Rulindo District, Northern Province about 45 Km from Kigali City, on Kigali Musanze – Rubavu ma

This post has already been read 13124 times!

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