Once re-elected, Putin is Russia’s godfather

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By Muvunyi Timothy

The United Russia leader is well recognized as a democratically elect that changed the former Soviet nation to a formidable democracy from Bolsi Yeltsin’s besotted times.

Vladimir Putin, the two- term former president, still has all the backing to resume a job Russians including President Dmitry Medvedev, believe he does better.

Putin has been urged by the current president to step forward and once again compete for the top post in Moscow.

This is a very big drastic step in the politics of the former communist nation now paving for landslide democracy. Putin has been portrayed by his revamping of Russia’s political shape as a potential global leader, though his reputation is little known to places and people in Africa because of the small significance of Russia’s role in the continent, his re-election and change come back could highlight Moscow as a new boy on the block in Southern Hemisphere.


But Russians will be very obsessed by a hot race between the young chaps, Medvedev and Putin, and a popular democratic gesture that is likely to attract the world’s attention when well publicized. Moscow is already seen out of public and dwelling for dramatic change in the solitary and only dynamic political change will melt down the chilling factor.

Putin has fought off elements of hard times and is seen as a Russian figure well experienced and learnt of the politics and may be the obstacles to development apart from the besotting Vodka, he is expected to device and indeed implement some of the sobering things he could not have done during his term in office.

At hand he must make certain that the upcoming democracy does competitive business, guys like Abrahamovic arrests have already sparked so much debates and wrote headlines, ensuring that there is transparency is also another thing to execute.  But the hardest task is to re-industrialize and overhaul oil lakes, end corruption and save Russians from the killing cold of hard times the nation has dwelt for now many years.

But at least Putin is well by the people and his party to have accomplished some of the most important part of that work and is anticipated as a nurtured man for the task. Russia has horrifically fell off the global business stands, only trading in arms and heavy artillery, is no busy biz for Moscow and Putin is expected to be the godfather of the new brain child in that context. Nevertheless, he is seen as a disciplined fellow who has no hasty and shaky un-orientated moves but, a steady path to the right destiny, all over time.

Putin could be elected for another two terms if re-elected in 2012 which he has been nominated to leads Russia United by his party counterpart president Medvedev. He did not have an unpopular post after his presidency in 2007; he has been serving Medvedev, as prime minister. However, it will be a challenge with the incumbent leading the nominees’ list of United Russia.

But the politics are beginning to stimulate people’s and in fact pundits’ attention to Russia’s politics. The race will be a hot one with both candidates from the same party, Medvedev was nominated by United Russia-the lead party, and the maze is who might lose, not the winner-the winner is most likely the recognized change factor from Yeltsin and perhaps the one that Putin himself nominated for office.

But the main question in Russia is whether the mutual political understanding could spark a boost it the cramped economy and revive besotted lives from the streets.  Putin probably could be the godfather of this languished change.


This post has already been read 19044 times!



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