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Parties in Umusingi editor’s case want prosecution drop the case

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Umusingi editor, Nelson Gatsimbazi

By our Reporter

Following the case in the Nyarurugenge court against Nelson Gatsimbazi, the editor and owner of local Umusingi paper, in connection with the serious charges of fueling divisionism, the parties in the case told Great Lakes that they have lost interests in the case.

Theodore Ntarindwa, the editor of Umwezi, Jean Bosco Gatete of Umurinzi and Jean Claude Mwitende of Impamo, the trio had complained to police following Gatsimbazi behavior that took place 2008 beef and fighting and exchange of words that ended up Criminal Investigation Department forwarding the complaint to court.

Gatsimbazi is under scrutiny, in the matters that the prosecution terms as “Divisionism” after he said that Umwezi editor, Ntarindwa is a Hutu and a genocidaire of Murambi.

The Nyarugenge based court last week adjourned the case to August this year, following Gatsimbazi’s lawyer intervention.

“The prosecution should get it right, I did not take Gatsimbazi to court, besides I have no charges against the Umusingi editor,” JB Gatete said adding that he was called to give the statement of what he saw when Gatsimbazi fought Ntarindwa.

According to Mwitende, the fights are of 2008, and he thought it was over.

“I was called at Nyamirambo police station some time in 2008, to give a statement of what happened during the fight, and I did it. But, I didn’t drag Gatsimbazi to court. I am not a complainant.”

The principal complainant in the case, Theodore Ntarindwa, told this publication that he has dropped the case and he is ready to appear before the judge pleading to drop the case.

“I have forgiven Gatsimbazi, and no use of the case to the court when it’s over, I had pardoned even the genocidaire who killed my family, why not Gatsimbazi my fellow journalist?” Ntarindwa added

The Umwezi editor said that he is willing to block the charges, since gatsimbazi declaration was in anger.

Gatsimbazi said that if the reconciler manages to bring the parties on board to drop the case it would be a mile stone and good news to the media.

“Who knows, the case might not be of these guys but some people behind that. Why is the matter of 2008 brought now in 2011? Gatsimbazi reasoned.

According to the reconciler, who has refused to be named said “I am doing everything possible to avoid journalists dragging their colleagues to court of law, rather be able to solve their matters amicably without raising alarm in the public.”

This post has already been read 18852 times!



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