President Kagame, Wenger’s exchange of words who loses?

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By Robert Mugabe


It all started when Rwanda president Paul Kagame started twitting about his disappoint when Arsenal lost against Manchester United that afterward became a big media controversy prompting Arsenal boss counter attack.

“I very much support Arsenal – but to be honest Wenger needs to coach another team now and Arsenal needs another coach,” said Paul Kagame on Twitter following Arsenal’s defeat against Manchester United.

“When a good team (players) and a good coach fail for long to deliver, one of them has to change, or even both!!

The Arsenal manager wrote him a letter for his 50th birthday in 2007, speaking of his pride that an African statesmen was a dedicated fun. Wenger even arranged for his squad to sign a banner for the one-time rebel leader.

Seems that the long-time Arsenal manager criticism to give up the job he’s held for 15 years was not received with good reception from Wenger’s camp. According to UK based website Wenger believes “Kagame should focus or running the country not premier league.”  Wenger does not have a public twitter account but he told a friend “That Kagame should go.

Under his presidency poverty is still widespread, the country still depends heavily on aid and his country is the laughing stock of the modern world with his one cow per household deal. Perhaps he should concentrate on running the country, not the premier league”

Though Kagame view for his passion as Arsenal fun, He doesn’t depend on Arsenal’s vote to be in Office as a president. Neither does Wenger depend on Kagame’s direct wish to be a manager.

However, Wenger had for once recognized Kagame as a huge fun when he sent him a birthday gift. Some experts believe big funs with influence should be treated with care. Though Rwanda’s President little did he know that his twits would attract media attention.

When big funs start speaking about the manager’s poor performance and suggesting him t leaving the team, manager knows well that he might loss the job. But supporter’s pressure needs to be with enough for the manager to leave the team.

Besides, losing a huge fun, soccer experts believe is one of the worst strategies from the manager.

“Arsenal boss should know that President Kagame as the president is a person of influence, He influences many people. When he supports a team a big number of people will also follow him.” A local sports analyst said. It’s apparently that Arsene Wenger is losing by getting involved in soccer cold war with a huge fun.

Also soccer commentators believes that Wenger would leave Kagame comments alone since he (Kagame) has his personal feelings and views on Arsenal and soccer in general as a fun.

Kagame should also bear in mind that criticizing a soccer manager would trigger war of words that might endanger his reputation.

Why not Arsenal manager and Kagame as Huge fun share their opinion privately without going to the media?

This post has already been read 21778 times!



  1. Mkavu

    May 4, 2012 at 7:22 AM

    Nkomo wa mjinga huandika Lila mahali.uyu nta na kimwe Arabia yivangamo, nagende ategeke za APR n’amavubi. He should think how to answer all these accusation on him, killing Rwandans and Congolese.wagira ko kamize imifuniko ya byeri

  2. Anissa R. Lopez

    May 4, 2012 at 3:22 PM

    Nice to read it!
    It’s also nice to read that Paul Kagame has his own twitter;)
    These things have always Anissa R. Lopezbeen amusing me)

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