Presidents Kabila,Kagame and Museveni agree M23 leave Goma

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By John Barigye-Kampala, Josephine Lukoya-DRC

  • Kabila agree to talk to M23,more territories captured by rebels

The closed door day meeting bringing together three heads of states of DR Congo, Rwanda and Uganda on DR Congo crisis, has ended this evening with a press conference in Kampala, all parties agree rebel group M23 leave Goma immediately, Great Lakes Voice reports.

Speaking to the Press, Uganda’s President Yoweli Kaguta Museveni has said M23 rebels leave Goma immediately. However, Museveni has not said what the three presidents will do incase M23 refuse to leave Goma town.

“We have all agreed that M23 leave Goma and accept the peaceful means of ending the conflict,” Museveni said

DRC President Joseph Kabila Kabange, said he’s determined to use all available means to end the conflict “peacefully” even if mean speaking to M23 rebels.

Kabila said he is to talk to M23 and get a solution to the conflict in Eastern DRC. “What we need is peace. Whatever means is needed is to be used urgently,” Kabila said

M23 spokesperson Col. Vianny Kazarama told Great Lakes Voice that the towns of Sake, Karuba, Mushaki, has been captured by M23 today. “Our forces are heading to Minova, we are advancing to Bukavu,” Kazarama said.

According to Kazarama, M23 has integrated regular army units and police which joined arms today in Goma.

Kazarama and Police boss in Goma has appeared on Congolese Television RTNC of Goma station preaching calm.

This post has already been read 4278 times!



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