Press activists warn public media on serious violation of ethics

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By Josephine Lukoya


Kinshasa, DR Congo- In an open letter to the High Council for Broadcasting and Communication (CSAC), the NGO for Freedom of journalists denounces “a propensity of the single thought in the public media.” Allusion to the issue Animation for Peace broadcast on the TRNC, public television, and that glorifies the achievements of President Joseph Kabila.

The NGO accused the TRNC not meet the prescribed code of ethics and professional conduct and the law establishing the procedures for the exercise of freedom of the press in the DRC.

The head of alert Freedom for journalist, Bucket Kalonji said he noted that the public media have become “a place where a journalist or a political activist going to insult persons of our country.”

“That’s why we sent a letter to CSAC to denounce this fact because the CSAC is a regulatory body,” Kalonji says.

But he also accused the regulator of behaving “like a partisan association of power as it does not do its job properly.”

In his open letter, the NGO rights of journalists and freedom of the press release indicates that in case of persistence of this situation, it reserves “the right to initiate actions that tend not to recognize the authority of the CSAC.”

Contacted on the phone, Chantal Kanyimbo, the rapporteur of the CSAC confirmed that her office received the letter on Thursday, January 5 the Director General of the TRNC and his staff to discuss this issue.

She said the general manager of the public broadcaster is committed to comply with the directives of the CSAC and the prescribed code of ethics and conduct of the journalist.

In its 2011 annual report on the state of press freedom in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the NGO Journalist in Danger asked President Kabila to dissolve the CSAC denouncing his “inability to assume its independence and jeopardizing freedom of press and expression.”

This post has already been read 5443 times!



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