Prosecution says they have enough evidence to present against embattled Victoire Ingabire

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By GLV reporter.

Victoire Ingabire-evidences filed in high court against her

Rwanda prosecution spokesmen Augustine Nkusi December 28, 2010, announced that they have filed enough evidence in high court to pin down Ingabire who has been in custody for almost two months.

Ingabire was arrested two months ago-on allegations of supporting and organizing terrorists groups fighting Rwanda government,  causing disorder and conspiring to overthrow the government.  She holds that the accusations are ‘politically motivated due to her opposition party yet to be registered FDU-Inkingi.’

“We have got enough evidence to pin down Victoire Umuhoza Ingabire and we have filed them to high court. The prosecution is accusing her of six charges which will be analyzed by the court,” Nkusi told the media without delivering details on the charges.

“We’re also to get more evidences from other countries and also those evidences shall also be presented to court in due time as the law prescribes,” Nkusi said.

Ingabire lawyer refused to react on the situation and said that he doesn’t want to speak to the media on the issue

Prosecution had said earlier that Ingabire, who claims she’s a victim of opposing President Kagame’s government is investigated on charges of terrorism, working with terrorist groups to overthrow Kigali government, with agenda of causing insecurity, Genocide dogma and other charges.

According to Nkusi, “witnesses are ready and necessary investigations have been carried out with evidence presented to court and it’s up to court to decide basing on the evidences presented by prosecution,” Nkusi narrated.

Normally, the court has maximum 30days of analyzing the evidence presented by prosecution to call for the hearing and two two months period requested by prosecution.

This post has already been read 9755 times!



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