RDB threatens to sue a foreign investor

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The registrar general Louise Kanyonga has said Rwanda Development board (RDB) might take a foreign investor to court on “defamation grounds.”

Roderick Marshall, the Natural Resource Development-Rwanda boss, whom registrar general accuses of spreading rumours that Rwanda development board might have been a victim of fraude, says he was told by RDB instead.

While reacting to the list of our questions, this reporter asked her about the possible mysterious absence of Natural resources Development documents at RDB that apparently lead RDB’s mess with the company, the registrar sounded hesitating to reveal details but urgently went on defense that her “office remains intact”

“We understand that this investor (Marshall) is going around saying that the documents of his company were stolen in our offices, that’s not true. It’s likely that he didn’t bring them. Tell him our office will sue him for defamation if he continues, “Kanyonga told great Lakes Voice on phone interview.

Recently, Great Lakes Voice reported how RDB messed up with $30 foreign investment by issuing two different certificates of the same company and declaring two different Managing Directors in the same company. But the registrar insists, her office did no wrong

“There were never two conflicting certificates-one was simply an updated one which showed the most recent standing of the company,” she said

Great Lakes Voice has the copies of the two certificates with different managing directors. However, when this publication requested the office of the registrar general the basis of the new appointment of the managing director, the office did not want to open up for details.

Roderick Marshall says his company encountered the same modus operandi of fraud last year following the absence of the company’s hard copy documents supporting the account; the bank forced the closure of all accounts in FINA BANK.

Marshall also told Great Lakes Voice that his company still faces difficult with their accounts with Bank of Kigali.

The registrar’s records show that the current MD of Natural resources development is Benzinge. But, as of now, he has been declared illegitimate by RDB. And RDB has declared Marshall again as the Managing Director of the company.

As Roderick Marshall says Ben Benzinge sold his shares in the company, registrar noted that “There is not a shred of legal documentation in the Office of the Registrar General showing that Ben sold his shares.”

Benzinge declined to give details and suggested to shade some light after the court decision. However, the registrar general said “The issue is to be resolved by the concerned parties providing the documentation required by law to substantiate their respective claims.”

This post has already been read 4928 times!



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