Residents of Eastern DRC have the right to enjoy peace in their country

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Every week, somewhere somehow, there are reports of killings, rape carried out against the innocent residents of Eastern DRC in the provinces of Eastern and Southern Kivu. Mainly, in the parts of Masisi, Rucuru, and so on…

These killings are carried out by the FDLR who claims to be fighting the government of Kigali but they are never on Rwanda soil. They just keep terrorizing the innocent Congolese.

In response, DRC army (FARDC) have kept mobilizing the false operations against FDLR, who are always codenamed with various names like “KimiaI, KimiaII, Amani Leo” and so on unfortunately doing no harm to FDLR.

It’s important to acknowledge that these campaigns have failed due to different reasons like indiscipline in FARDC, lack of military organization, criminal networks in the force with the only aim of exploiting the minerals, lack military moral due to embezzlement of the salary of the soldiers and mainly lack of PATRIOTISM.

All in all, FDLR would have not been a big burden to the residents of the independent country like (DRC) which is preparing to go into the presidential election for the second time.

It’s important to recall that Democratic Republic of Congo president Joseph Kabila enjoys the good relations with the neighboring Rwanda’s Paul Kagame but this political and military relation is not yet translated into peace in the region.

Therefore, these political, social and diplomatic relations between the two countries should transform to the lasting peace in Eastern Congo as soon as possible on the interests of the people of East and Southern Kivu provinces.

The fact, of the presence of the biggest United Nations contingent in DRC, (MONESCO) have failed to insure the security of the residents in the two provinces and disarm FDLR.

For that matter the UN mission should cease these Billions of Dollars poured in the contingent operation which doesn’t make any difference to the lives of residents of Eastern Congo and the decision to pull-out completely should be considered.

We believe that it’s high time for the World to take action to protect the civilians of Eastern Congo, without much diplomatic procedures. Every life counts, as everybody else in this planet would want to see his dream realized so does the Congolese.

We here call all stake holders and concerned citizens of the world to take a clear stance that transforms into action against FDLR and all armed groups in Congo.

The international community should really intervene in the suffering of the residents of Eastern Congo directly without putting double face or shying away and uses every means possible to protect the vulnerable people who get hard times to reach water source.

This post has already been read 14489 times!



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