Rudasingwa,Nkiko turns politics into a complaint at ICC

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The Hague-Netherlands– Rwanda National Congress (RNC) coordinator, Theogene Rudasingwa and Forces of Democratic Union (FDU) function care taker, Nsengimana Nkiko through their Canadian attorney, Christopher Black have lodged a complaint against Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame at International Criminal Court.

The two men today had mobilized their small followers with some Congolese who demonstrated today in front of ICC building demanding ICC to prosecute Kagame over DRC conflict.

The two men are in gambling mood after the two parties, each splinted into two following inside power struggle.

Beginning with FDU then RNC, members were split and now they are struggling to take off again. Theogene Rudasingwa has been claiming that Kagame told him that He short down former president Habyarimana plane that triggered 1994 Genocide against Tutsi.

Our sources in RNC say Rudasingwa’s strategy for using ICC for his political battles with Kigali would not yield any fruit. Many of RNC members, who talked to Great Lakes Voice on condition of anonymity last evening, criticize the medical doctor for allying with Hutu extremist who deny 1994 Genocide.

Christopher Black, a lawyer for the groups that want Kagame investigated, said Friday that Bensouda need only turn to the International Criminal Tribunal for Rwanda to launch a case against Kagame, asserting it has a “mountain” of evidence against him in its archives. Kagame has been an important military leader in Rwanda since 1990 and its president since 2000.

The UN-backed Rwanda tribunal, based in Tanzania, never pressed charges against Kagame, long seen as key ally for Western powers in central Africa.

But Friday’s demand for action follows a report issued by the UN in July that accused high-ranking Rwandan officials of helping to create, arm and support the current M23 rebellion within Congo.

This post has already been read 5024 times!



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