Rwanda’s President could have lodged in a hotel worth

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By Muvunyi Timothy

Jon Swaine, the US Daily Telegraph reporter of the September 22 article on President Paul Kagame’s $20,000 a night in Mandarin Oriental hotel while attending UN General Assembly, could have missed a point he would have in fact well known about the excellence from a post Genocide country.

The reporter of one America’s top newspapers did not bear in his writing that the president who was trained in the US before returning to end the 1994 mayhem in the nation of a Thousand Hills and he is a former intelligence office by the rank of a major in his former army, NRA, now the UPDF of Uganda.

In this context of facts relating Kagame and the kind of travel he was on and the address he was to make before the world’s population at the UN headquarters on the 66th anniversary could have been the reasons he was not in the same cheap $2,800 hotel with Abbas and others.

Security is one aspect and obligations highly regarded and well defined by the UN he addressed. Kagame has a reckoned number of opponents in the west including the US and he was demonstrated against in Paris where he had been just a day before Jon reported his article.

The president has had many visits to the US and resided in different hotels offering various prices for each night but, this could have been a unique story of its own. Kagame could have slept in the hotel for security reasons, to escape and think about what he would address the world the following day or just to, like every human being, relieve from stress and frustration caused by the tiresome daily work he must do to eradicate poverty from Rwanda.

Jon could not know why one of Kagame’s opponents based there was nagging over the $20,000 for his night in a suitable hotel.

It is just irritating for some people who, at some times during the 1994 war and after, never want to see the president progress and Rwanda prosper to the extent it really hurts and haunts to see him spending such an amount on a hotel and not crowd with other heads of state in the same premises like an academy of world leaders and even to see him address billions of the world’s population on such a remarkable anniversary.

The Daily Telegrapher could not even investigate whether it was true that even though Kagame’s Spokesperson could mention anything on that, he in deed lodged in the two-bedroom suite. But the receptionist told him that a night went to $20,664.50 in the suite.

Jon take the United Democratic Forces (UDF) coalition’s word or underestimate, “It’s a scandal. Rwanda is not a country that can afford to pay this much for hotels. People who have to survive on 40 cents a day will be disgusted.”

However, this does not mean that people in Rwanda don’t do business, are not innovative and cannot pay taxes that can afford the president such luxury. Sixbert Musangamfura, the UDF spokesperson, missed a point arra


This post has already been read 44810 times!



  1. jo

    October 2, 2011 at 2:47 PM

    well! Why that man does not investigate well and full?
    Paul Kagame’s rank is major general.

  2. steve

    October 2, 2011 at 7:05 PM

    Even though I’m sure as a president, Kagame has security concerns and so can’t just stay in any hotel, but i seriously doubt that President Kagame has a greater security concern than the palestinian president. I don’t think you can compare the security threat that protesters pose compared to the terrorist attacks Abbas has to worry about from palestinian extrimist when he’s not worried about mossad or any other people that don’t wont palestine to appy for statehood at the U.N. The poblem with Kagame staying in a $20k a night room is that for a country who’s budget is 40% aid money, we can’t afford unnecessary spending. And as a news paper i actually expected you to do more digging and find out why that happened and hold the people responsible accountable for it.

  3. Common Sense

    December 1, 2011 at 6:05 PM

    there is no doubt that Kagame has security needs that need to be addressed. i understand, to some degree that he has to stay in certain hotels. What your arguement does not address, however, is exactly how do silk covered walls and a $100,000 entertainment system help in assuring his security. Also regarding the security concerns, can we then say that anyone not spending that kind of money does not care about security. Given the Rwanda’s president spent the most on his hotel room of all the other hundereds of leaders in town is nothing short of amazing. Just imagine him meeting with a Western leader, who is staying a luxury $3,000 suite, in his $20,000 suite to ask for more aid money. Talk about irony! I would imagine the Iranian president has a far greater security need than his Rwandan counterpart, yet he stayed in an $1800 suite, and survived! What you (the author) need to understand is that Kagame does not see himself as a mere leader of a country or a man, but something more akin to a God which is how he justifies his expenses to himself. In his head, it really makes sense to have the government of Rwanda spend these sums on his travel and expenses while at the same time cutting scholarships for students. think about it! Also, just becuae someone criticizes one thing a leader did does not mean they are dismissing all the good they did, and doing good is no license for impunity. Just because you chastise your child does not mean you think they are evil, and just because your child did exceptionally well in school does not mean he can now do whatever he wants whenever he wants!

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