Rwanda civil society to object abortion liberalism

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By Robert Mugabe

Rwanda civil society platform, an organization bringing together 12 umbrellas each umbrella with 743 associations will tomorrow announce its objection to Parliament’s move to liberalise abortion, Great Lakes voice has established.

The Rwanda penal code is under review in Parliament, both the state, health activists and donors are pushing for more orbiting rights. In the civil society plat form only ARBEF and HBI are pushing for the abortion rights.

Recently religious leaders in Rwanda publically objected the move by parliament saying the state should consider more debates from the public before liberalizing abortion.

In a joint press conference, Pastor Charles Mugisha of New Life Bible Church, Kicukiro, said abortion is infanticide and, therefore, it shouldn’t be legalised under any condition. “A referendum should be carried out and let the public decide on whether they really want abortion to be legalised or not.

“We are against abortion. We have said it before and tomorrow we are holding a press conference to voice it again,” Eduard Munyamariza said on telephone interview with Great Lakes Voice.

Rwanda penal code prohibits abortion except when the continuance of the pregnancy seriously endangers the health of the pregnant woman.  In such cases, a second medical opinion is required, and the intervention must be performed by a State physician or physician approved by the State in a public hospital or a private hospital approved by the State.

Any person who induces an abortion is subject to 5-10 years’ imprisonment if the woman does not consent and to two to five years’ imprisonment if she consents. A person who is employed in a health profession and performs an abortion is subject to suspension from practicing his or her profession for one to five years or, in the case of repeat offenders, for life.  A woman inducing her own abortion or consenting to an abortion is subject to two to five years’ imprisonment.

This post has already been read 5440 times!



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