Rwanda gov’t bully to take a legal action against UN-GoE

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Rwanda’s Foreign affairs Minister Louise Mushikiwabo told a New York based publication that the government of Rwanda may pursue legal action against a United Nations-appointed Group of Experts that has accused Rwanda of stirred up a military rebellion in the neighboring Democratic Republic of Congo.

“We have endeavored to be objective in our assessment of Mr. Hege. To this end, we employed the Washington, D.C., law firm Akin Gump to review Mr. Hege’s prior writings on Rwanda as well as the genocidal army and militia which killed more than 1 million people in a veritable Holocaust over three summer months in 1994,” Mushikiwabo was quoted as saying.

Mushikiwabo was also quoted as said that the expert panel has been “hijacked” by the political agenda of its coordinator, Steven Hege, who Rwanda accuses of having a long history of opposition to the nation’s government.

“We will not take this kind of treatment lying down,” Mushikiwabo told Metro. According to Mushikiwabo, Hege characterizes the FDLR militia, as if its members are somehow victims, and not perpetrators, of mass atrocities.

In the “fact sheet” written in 2009 and entitled “Understanding the FDLR,” Hege also described, falsely, the current Rwandan government as made up of illegitimate outsiders, a “Ugandan Tutsi elite,” and that peace in our region is only possible “when international opinion eventually sours on the Rwandan regime.”

“The fact-based evidence, which was vetted by Akin Gump and submitted to the Security Council, in the case of Hege, is damning in the extreme and should have disqualified him from taking the position as coordinator of the Group of Experts in the first place,” Mushikiwabo added.

With this objective in mind, Hege’s hatchet job, on the platform which the UN report has accorded him, becomes frighteningly clear. The reports which he and the Group of Experts have submitted to the UN Sanctions Committee wouldn’t pass muster in the lowest imaginable court of law.

Akin Gump concluded that “the lack of transparency, the reliance on questionable sources and the complete lack of analysis of witness bias, motivation or contradictory evidence in the conclusions reached [make] those conclusions highly unreliable.”

This post has already been read 5465 times!



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