Rwanda: Media High Council boss fired

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Patrice Mulama-Former Media High Council

Kigali, Rwanda-Government owned Media regulatory body Media High Council (MHC) long serving boss Patrice Mulama has been relived from his duties Great Lakes Voice reports.

Sources in the Media High Council management said the decision to have Mulama sacked have been in process since January last year but only the opportunity to have him go was not available until on 05 December 2011.

The media high council chairman who is also communication director for health Ministry Arthur Asiimwe has confirmed the sacking saying “it’s a government decision to strengthen Media High Council.”

“Mulama was a senior government official and as you know government has the powers to appoint, reshuffle, or fire any of its officials if need arises. Therefore, within its mandate, government made changes in MHC in which Mulama has been given temporary leave and new acting executive secretary has been appointed,” Asiimwe said

According to Asiimwe, all the changes are aimed at re-energizing the institution and insuring it meets its mandate.

Mulama has been blamed for the international community ban to fund MHC budget citing lack of fair management and failing to distributing support to all media organs.

Patrice Mulama has been replaced by a law graduate Emmanuel Mugisha who was appointed by the cabinet last month.

Great Lakes Voice is still carrying out deep investigations to the decision

This post has already been read 11655 times!



  1. uruton

    January 11, 2012 at 4:40 PM

    Thanks for trying to inform your readers about this but i advise you enrich your content with evidence especially where you allege that Mulama has been blamed for un fair management.

    Without evidence, no source of your allegations, your article is worth categorising as a rumour or hearsy. I mean what do you Mulama has been blamed for int’l community decision to cut MHC budget? Which int’l community, when and what shows?

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